Blood Money

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Blood Money

Angel keeps staring at his photos of Lindsey and Anne. Then he throws them away. He walks through the Hyperion lobby and we fade out. Don't we? Oh my goodness, it's still not ending. Angel stops on the stairway and says, "I thought you'd be halfway to Brazil by now." Who, me? I'll admit it was an odd episode, but you've done much worse; I didn't feel like I had to flee the country. Angel turns around to apologize to everyone for this convoluted, yet nonsensical, story, and we -- oh. Sorry; he was talking to Boone. Classic shoot-out poses are held. Boone really does want a rematch, and he's willing to risk the sack of loot to get it. They stare at each other.

The sack of money is deposited on Anne's desk. Angel is looking a bit bloody and rumbled. Anne stares at the money. Angel starts to warn her about what will happen if Wolfram & Hart realize she has the money, but Anne assures him she can hide it. She notices a wet stain on one of the bundles of cash and asks what it is. Anne's not very bright, y'all. Angel looks at her and says, "Blood." Duh. Anne looks down thoughtfully and then says, "It'll wash." Because she was all concerned about where the money came from. Wait, no, that's not it. Because she didn't want to take the money. No, she did, so...Anybody else feel like a few pages of script got stuck in the copier and nobody noticed? This episode was pure cotton candy; it looked as if there was a lot there, but afterwards you're still hungry, and you've got a sick taste in your mouth. Only instead of sugary residue on my teeth, I've got the image of a half-naked Wesley in my brain. Gaaaack.

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