Blood Money

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Blood Money

Angel is walking out the door when Anne hurries up behind him, pulls his shoulder to turn him, and slaps the air near his head. She complains that she risked everything, and Angel never planned to expose Wolfram & Hart's plot. Angel says, "They would have covered it up. I just wanted to shake 'em up a bit. Not much, but it's a start." Anne asks about the money, and Angel says that it's "tainted." Anne starts to say, "I don't even care about the --" and Angel interrupts with, "Yes, you do." Wait, she doesn't care about the money, or she doesn't care that it's tainted? And how, exactly is it tainted, again, because I missed that part. Angel does know that the guests weren't really being robbed, right? Angel continues, "That's the difference between us. You still care." Anne is too confused to do anything but stare angrily as Angel walks away.

A blipvert takes us to the Wolfram & Hart building, where Lilah and Lindsey are getting quite a dressing-down. Reed says they embarrassed the firm. Oh yeah, and they lost $2 million. No, it doesn't make any sense that this super evil law firm with it's own high-rise office building in downtown Los Angeles has to resort to robbing charity organizations to balance their budget. I know. Don't think about it. Four more minutes and this nonsense will be over and done with. And Reed has one more item on his list: "You violated company policy by hiring an assassin to kill Angel." So, in a way, it's lucky for them that Boone was actually working for Angel, isn't it? And didn't Boone refuse Lindsey's offer of payment? So he didn't really hire Boone, then. I'd expect Lindsey to point that out. Lilah apologizes. Reed says that Holland was a brilliant lawyer, "but I think he had a soft spot for the two of you, which I believe clouded his judgment." Reed won't make the same mistake. He suggests they "start piling up wins. Fast." Lindsey resentfully asks how they're supposed to get anything done when they aren't allowed to hurt Angel. Lilah edges away from Lindsey. Reed turns, smiles, and says, "I'm sorry, did you say something?" Lindsey, never one to take a hint, says, "Angel's an obstacle to everything that we do. Give me one good reason why we can't just kill him." Reed invades Lindsey's personal space and explains that Angel is a major player. "In business?" Lilah offers. Reed just can't believe the shoddy education of employees. "In the Apocalypse," he clarifies. "Oh, that," I say. "Oh, that," Lilah says. Whoa, that was a scary moment for me. Reed mentions some new plot points: "The prophecies all agree that when the final battle is waged, he plays a key role." Lindsey isn't impressed: "Good for him." Not to be deterred, Reed continues, "Which side he's on is the gray area, and we're going to continue making it as gray as possible." He says that "until then, [Angel's] growing obsession with the two of you, the increasing possibility that, to scratch that itch, he'll go as far as to kill you -- well, that could actually play in the firm's favor." Lilah is increasingly displeased as Reed adds, "It would be a sign that Angel is on the path to joining our team, and, as hard as it is to lose good attorneys, well, the truth is, you're both expendable. Angel isn't." Finally, the dastardly plan is revealed! Er, kinda.

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