Blind Date

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Blind Date

Previously on Angel, Lindsey was established as a smirky evil lawyer in search of a comb, and Gunn made a nice entrance.

Two soldiers do a belly-crawl along the sidewalk, their guns blazing forth with...colored light. Geez, I know the WB is not the network you watch for production values, but this is ridiculous. Oh, wait, they're just toys that some sidewalk salesman is showing to some kids. Never mind. A woman walks along the street towards the salesman and the easily-impressed children. She's wearing sunglasses, even though it's dusk, and tapping a white cane against the sidewalk. As she gets close, the salesman asks her to stop, and then moves some other toys out of her way. That was very gallant of him. She goes on, tap-tapping her way past an alley. You know, what with her glasses and the cane and the guy's odd behavior, I'm starting to wonder if maybe her vision is impaired in some way. If only they would spell that out for us in some obvious way, so I could be certain.

Flash inside a warehouse, as a body goes flying through the air. When it crashes to the ground, we can see that it's a vampire. Angel appears, ready to stake the vamp, but another one suddenly attacks him. The stake rolls away as the first vampire picks himself up. Angel manages to punch one vamp while simultaneously kicking the other. Then there's more punching and kicking and one vamp is dusted. Angel wrestles the other one back, wraps a chain around him, hoists him to the ceiling, and sends him swinging onto a convenient pile of lumber. Poof. Awfully complicated, but I guess it worked. Someone wails in pain. Not me, though. Not yet. We see a black man crawl out onto the floor from somewhere and collapse. Angel examines the body and then hears footsteps approaching. He turns, and that's when the woman we saw earlier grabs him by the throat and hurls him against a wall. Still more fighting, only this time Angel's opponent manages to bend backwards or sideways every time he swings, ducking each blow. She, on the other hand, manages to land a few punches. Her sunglasses are knocked off, and she's got spooky white contacts underneath so that she doesn't seem to have pupils. Well, except where you can see them through the contacts. We get some spooky-girl POV shots which reveal that she sees Angel as a blur of colorful moving shapes. She tosses him through a wooden partition and by the time Angel climbs out, she's gone. Angel: Now in spooky-vision. Credits.

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