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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

When we return, Cordy starts glowing again. Dammit. I've had about enough of this. The glow travels up her arm, with which she's holding Connor's arm, and gradually encompasses Connor, too. The glow dissolves the knife blade, and mystical swirly noises fill the soundtrack, although it's hard to hear them over the sound of me complaining about how much I hate this. I guess Cordy's glow is a defensive thing that reacts when she's touching something threatening. How convenient. I further speculate that her glow is the magical power of extreme suckiness. Cordy says soothing things to Connor, and his rage is beaten down by the power of suck, and stamped out completely when Cordy says, "Let it go. You don't need that." Borne down under the weight of this awfulness, Connor slumps back and starts to cry on Cordy's shoulder. Poor Connor; he never realized how lame this show could be sometimes. They might need to put a suicide watch on him. He goes on crying while Cordy strokes his head, and looks a little bit guilty about unleashing her awesome power to suck all of the entertainment value from a scene. Connor finally calms down, and Cordy looks up to see Angel standing upstairs, looking at them. It'd be funny if he just wandered in and said, "Howdy. Whatcha doing?" But then he might get swallowed up by the suck himself. It's a really good thing that we've got the end of the episode to distract me from this. It wasn't even necessary to anything in the plot. Stupid.

Soon after, Angel chats with Cordy in the office. Cary steps in to marvel at Cordy's power to suck, and describes what Cordy did as "some kind of soul colonic." Well, at least we're both agreed that involves a lot of crap. Cordy adds some meaningless stuff to the effect that Quor-Toth "crept into every part of [Connor]; he was sick with it." Whatever. So now Connor's had all of his extra-dimensional freakiness washed off, but he still needs a good shampoo. Angel thanks Cordy, like it was a conscious choice she made, and can we move on now? Good.

Angel returns to the lobby and asks Connor how he is. Connor sighs, "I might have tried to kill your friend." Angel says, "She's used to it." Although he fails to add, "At least you didn't try to impregnate her." Connor wonders if he should go, and Angel gingerly sits down next to Connor and suggests that he stay at the hotel. He says, "I know it doesn't feel like it yet, but this could be home for you." Connor gets teary again and whines, "I don't have a home." Angel insists that Connor doesn't remember it, but that the hotel was his home. Connor smiles bitterly and says, "You speak as though you're my father." Ouch. Angel folds his arms and tries to shake that off, but Connor continues, "He said we came back for a reason." Angel catches on and whispers, "Did he?" Gunn and Fred suddenly return to the hotel, and that seems like our cue to watch something else. Poor Gunn.

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