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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

Back at the motel, Holtz and Connor are arguing. Holtz says, "Anyone who saw you together would realize that's where you're meant to be. At his side." Connor angrily insists, "I don't need him!" Holtz tells Connor to return to Angel, and Connor's eyes get teary as he asks, "Why are you doing this?" Connor repeats that God gave him to Holtz, and Holtz says, "Now it's time for me to give you back." Connor says that Angel is a demon, and Holtz calmly replies, "And you're the bastard son of two demons." Johanna and I giggle. I mean, he is, but yikes. Connor wonders if he's a demon, but Holtz says he isn't, although he doesn't know what Connor is. He adds that, to find answers, Connor must return to Angel.

Sigh. Fred. And Gunn. They're outside the hotel in Gunn's truck, still tracking extra-dimensional radiation or whatever the hell they're doing. Who cares?

Connor goes on arguing with Holtz, but Holtz insists, "We were brought here by forces beyond our control." Connor jumps up from the table and stomps out of the room.

Gunn spots Connor, and he and Fred watch as Connor jumps off the second-floor walkway and down to the ground. Well, now he's just showing off. Connor runs away, and Fred says, "Looks like we've been following Angel's son's emissions the whole time." Ew. Gunn "ew"s too, and says, "There's a sentence I don't ever need to hear again." Gunn and I are like soulmates. Except for the being-in-love- with-Fred part. Fred goes on chirping that it's good news, since this means that "there was no big scary that came out of the portal." Gunn sees Holtz standing at the door of the motel room, and asks, "How 'bout a short scary?" Heeeeeey. Just 'cause you're so tall, that's no reason to pick on Holtz.

At the Hyperion, Cary pours himself what I'm going to arbitrarily guess is a Manhattan. Which is apparently his nightcap, since he's wearing a robe and pajamas. Cary turns to see Connor standing in the lobby, and offers to take him up to Angel's room. Connor stares sullenly at Cary. As Cary heads for the stairs, Connor growls, "I'm not going anywhere with you, demon." Cary stops dead and says, "Since you were raised in a hell dimension by a psychopath, and since that happens to be a topic I know a little something about, we'll just let that slide." He turns back to the stairs, and Connor says, "Filthy demon." Cary, frustrated, says, "That's Uncle filthy demon," and starts to yell at Connor, but Cordelia interrupts. She spoils everyone's fun. Especially the audience's. She leads Connor over to the couch and sits down to lecture him. Connor goes on staring at Cary with hate while Cordy explains, "'Demon' doesn't always mean 'evil' in this dimension. I mean, look at me. Well, I'm part demon." Connor looks at her curiously as she adds, "By choice." Oh, don't remind me. She starts to explain that she became demonized to help people, but before she can bore us all to tears, Connor pulls out a knife and lunges at her. Thanks, Connor. There's a very funny shot where Connor's expression is completely over-the-top, like he's suddenly become possessed by the spirit of Jack Nicholson. Maybe it was meant as another Batman reference. I dunno. Figure it out during the commercials.

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