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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

Connor steps out of a back door into an alley, his stake at the ready. After a moment of suspense, he suddenly twists around to attack someone behind him. Who turns out to be Angel, and luckily he grabs Connor's hand before the stake reaches its target. Y'know, Angel, I don't think it's a good idea to sneak up behind Connor. Angel suddenly punches Connor's forearm, which spins Connor back so that he unintentionally stakes the vampire who was suddenly standing behind him. That was hard to describe, but I think you get the idea. It was neat. Angel explains, "They don't need to breathe or make any sound. You gotta be careful." Johanna wonders if he really means that vampires don't ever have to make noise. She asks, "Do they have to consciously intend every noise they make? Like, 'footstep, footstep, footstep'?" I think maybe Angel was just exaggerating to make a point, because otherwise my head will start to hurt. Angel compliments Connor's fighting skills, and notes, "Normally I'd take you to a baseball game or a museum or something...It's just good to know [that] you can handle yourself in a fight." Then Angel playfully punches at Connor, and Connor jumps back and then smiles. He smiled! I don't think we'll be seeing him do that again for a while, so enjoy it. Connor goes on grinning, and punches back at Angel, and then they start horsing around, feinting at each other and laughing. Aw. I'm not so big on kids, but I'm a total sucker for dads. While they go on playing, we see Holtz step out onto a fire escape and stare at them.

Some time later, Connor is munching Oreos at the motel when Holtz returns. Connor looks guilty, and nervously says, "He was everything that you said. He tried to trick me. Thought he could deceive me by saving people. But it didn't work -- I've seen his true face." Holtz replies, "And I've seen yours." Uh oh.

Up in his room, Angel is telling Cordelia all about Connor's fighting prowess. See, here I like them together again. Because they're about four feet apart at all times. Angel concludes, "You should have seen us together," and Cordy replies, "I did." She explains that she went back into her vision and watched the whole fight. Angel is confused about that, as is Cordy, and as was I until just now, when I thought that maybe the vision continued because she was supposed to spot Wesley talking to Lilah. And was too distracted by the fisticuffs to notice him. I really, really hope that's what was going on, because that would be neat. Cordelia grins, "I saw the whole thing -- you and your son together. It was beautiful." With the slaughter and all. Angel looks happily bewildered, although I wonder if later he'll feel kind of creeped out at the idea that Cordy might be watching him at any time. I sure would.

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