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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

Angel tells Connor that this is his chance to kill some vampires, and hands him a stake. Johanna wonders how Angel got Connor into the bar. Me too. Maybe he bribed someone, and promised that Connor wouldn't have anything stronger than a Vanilla Coke. Angel tells Connor to aim the stake for the heart, and Connor grumps that he knows that. He's such a teenager. I like this whole bizarre dynamic, which surprises me immensely. I can't wait to see Angel teaching Connor to drive. Angel goes on nagging Connor about waiting to see the vamps' game faces, so that he doesn't accidentally stab a person and re-enact Faith's story. Gosh, Faith and Connor would be fun together, wouldn't they? They continue making their way through the crowd, and Angel spots Justine just as Connor demands, "Why do you do it? Why kill them if they're like you?" Justine sees Angel and stands up warily. Angel grouses, "They're not like me, Connor," and then Connor says his name isn't Connor, and Angel makes an exasperated face and tells Connor to stay where he is.

Justine tells the bartender she's done, but he disagrees, vamping out as he grabs her arm. The guy next to her also vamps out and says, "She thinks she's a slayer!" The bartender adds, "She's about to learn different [sic]," and yanks her up onto the bar. Justine kicks a third vamp away, and Angel hurries over and stakes him. Connor watches, and you just know that he's dying to say, "Cool!" Angel stakes another vamp while Justine fights off the bartender, and then we go into the general kicking and punching. Wesley and Lilah are still watching upstairs as the crowd moves away from the melee. Justine screams, and Connor makes a big leap that I think is supposed to be over the people in his way. Angel looks up and enthuses, "Nice!" Heh. I usually hate it when he says that, but this time it was funny. Connor hops over to the bar and starts to rescue Justine. Angel is so distracted by watching Connor that he gets clubbed by a vamp before returning to the matter at hand. As Connor stakes the bartender, Lilah wonders, "Who's the boy wonder? He moves just like --" "His father," Wesley finishes. I guess that isn't really too unreasonable an assumption, given all of the other bizarre things Wesley's seen happen. Connor stands facing Justine for a moment, and they stare at each other before Angel yanks him away and tells Justine to go. She runs away as another wave of vamps attacks Angel and Connor. Upstairs, Lilah turns to mock Wesley some more, but he's gone. Angel and Connor demonstrate some nice teamwork, and then Connor runs off after an escaping vampire.

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