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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

Oh, damn, we're back to the Geiger counter nonsense. Fred wanders around going clackety clackety while everyone follows after her because they are starved for entertainment. The same could be said for us right now, I admit. Cary wonders, "Should we be wearing lead? 'Cause I actually have something." Fred follows the readings around the room, toward the door, where she gets stronger readings as she finally notices that Connor is standing in front of her. Fred babbles a little and finally shuts up before she scares Connor away. Everyone stares for a minute, and Angel tries for a casual "hey." Connor explains he just dropped by, and Angel turns and introduces everyone, then hints for them to clear out, which they do. Cute two-shot of Connor and Angel folding their arms uncomfortably while they try to think of something to say. Eventually Angel asks, "You hungry?" Connor very quietly asks what there is to eat, and Angel ponders that for a second before suggesting they go out to eat.

"WHAT?" Cordy shrieks. She returns from the office, shouting that there's a gang of vampires at a bar. Eventually we discover why she's shouting via a POV-shot. Cordy's effectively in the bar, as is Angel, so she's trying to be heard over the music. Angel says something that we can't hear as she goes on shouting that there's a girl who's in danger. I actually like the idea that she's now seeing the visions as three-dimensional environments. The bar background blurs away, and Angel tells her to slow down. Although she wasn't talking quickly, just loudly. Cordy repeats the news about a girl at a bar full of vampires, and Angel prepares to head out. Because how many bars could there be in Los Angeles? Cordy's visions haven't gotten any more useful, I note. Angel turns back to Connor and explains that he has to go. Connor does the rejected-teen thing and insists that it's fine as he heads for the door. Angel explains, "It could be kinda dangerous. A lot of killing and violence...You wanna come?" Connor stops and looks at Angel. Saw it coming, but still cute.

After the ads, we're at the bar Cordy saw. I guess Angel knew which one she meant. It's a very strange place. There are lots of girls dancing with glow-sticks. Is this a rave? We pan up to a balcony, where Wesley is looking at the crowd. Lilah approaches and notes that Wesley got her invitation. She says, "I thought the 'come alone' part was a particularly ironic touch. I mean, how else would you come?" Ha! I officially love her. Lilah's holding a martini glass, so I guess this is a rave. Because that's what they serve at raves. I learned that from Gossip. Wesley starts to push past Lilah, but she turns him back and points out someone at the bar. It's Justine. Wesley still wants to leave -- at least until Lilah says, "You'll miss her big death scene." She explains that Justine was tipped off that the club would be full of vampires tonight. Wesley spells out the fact that Lilah also told the vampires that Justine would turn up. Wesley dismisses the idea that he'd like to watch Justine get killed, saying, "You really don't know the first thing about me, do you?" Lilah agrees, and Wesley starts to walk away again. Lilah walks up behind him and hisses, "Like, will he go straight to his car, or will he stop to warn her first?" Wesley hesitates, and Lilah smugly says, "Has to think about it. That's good. That's all I really needed to know." She tells Wesley that he can leave, and I guess Wesley's as contrary as I am, because he immediately turns back. He asks whether it was a test, and Lilah says she just wanted to know if she was wasting her time. She adds that she'll have Justine rescued "before anything really lethal happens" so that Wesley won't have anything on his conscience. Wesley looks down at the dance floor and says that won't be necessary. Lilah takes a peek, and sees Angel moving through the crowd.

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