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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

Groo's out in the courtyard, trying to mope because he thinks that's what Cordy likes in a man. Cary walks up and asks, "Something troublin' you, bubby?" Heh. Groo says he's confused, and I have to think that's his usual state of being. Groo says that Angel did everything he could think of to recover Connor, "but now that his son is here, he does nothing." Cary answers with a koan to the effect that "sometimes nothing is the best something," and says that Angel probably shouldn't force anything. Groo asks, "If a thing is meant to be, then how can it be forced?" When did this become Plato's Dialogues? Cary admits that it can't be, and Groo counters by wondering what one should do if something isn't meant to be. They're all so fatalistic on this show. Cary says, "Just 'cause someone hops a dimension or two is no guarantee things will work out." Groo smugs, and Cary catches on and notes that Groo is "sneaky with the subtext." Groo heads for the gate and says that if Cordy asks, he's gone for a walk. Then he repeats, "If she asks." Y'know, I did the exact same thing once. When I was sixteen. Wandering away to see if Cordelia misses him? I guess now that he's mastered snark, he's moved on to passive aggression. Go away, Groo.

Angel's playing with a globe up in his room while he chats with Cordelia. His room, by the way, is mostly cleaned up now, but one wall still needs to be repainted. I appreciate that. Anyhow, Angel's chattering that Connor feels further away than ever, even though he's back now. He says, "There was just so much I thought we'd be able to do together before he, y'know...." "Grew up?" Cordy asks. "Hated me," Angel finishes. Aw. No, that's a sincere "aw." And the beauty of it is, it's not clear whether he means that all teenagers hate their parents, or if he just expected that Connor would eventually hate him. Nice line. Cordy tries to comfort Angel by pointing out that Connor doesn't know Angel well enough to hate him, and upon realizing that's not the most inspiring thought, she backpedals, "But he will." Know Angel, not hate him. I assume. She adds that Connor will come back, "because he has to. Because he's family." Considering how close Cordy is to her family, that's not very convincing.

With that, we cut to Wesley's apartment, where Wesley is burning his fingers on his TV dinner. Bwa ha ha! He pours himself some wine to go with his entree, and I almost wish this scene went on longer, because I'm enjoying Wesley's ongoing humiliation so much. He hears his laptop beep, and goes over to discover that he's got mail. Actually, it looks like someone hacked into his computer and left a message on his notepad, but play along. The message reads, "782 W. Palm Terrace 8:30 PM. Come alone." Wesley stares at the computer, wondering if he should bother setting the VCR to tape Buffy. Because this episode takes place on a Tuesday. Look, I spent a few minutes working that out, so pretend you care.

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