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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

Possibly because it's just to set up this shot of Cary holding a big polished hunk o' quartz. Oh man, it's this scene. Where they confuse science and magic again. You know, there are a lot of cool and interesting things to talk about in this episode, and this isn't one of them. Basically, Fred got a Geiger counter at a yard sale, and with this magic hunk of quartz inside of it, they can detect Quor-Tothian energy. Which they want to do so that they can track down whatever beasty may have come through the rift when Cordy and Groo were knocked out. It's all pretty nonsensical and requires Fred to spew more technobabble and the whole thing annoys me so that's all I'm saying about it. It's worth noting that Cary is finally wearing a suit again. Hooray! It's very red. I've decided that all of his clothes were probably burned up in Caritas, and that it's taken him a while to buy a new wardrobe. In fact, when he vanished for "Double or Nothing," he was probably out shopping. Shame he didn't buy something for Fred, because I think she's wearing one of Cordy's old shirts -- a pink sleeveless baby-doll number that seems to have been chosen for the way it emphasizes all of the wrong things about her figure. Cordy and Groo come in, and Cordy asks how Angel is. Gunn answers that Angel is "still being all mature" up in his room. Cordy goes up to talk to Angel, and Groo stares after her while a clarinet coos to make sure we get the picture.

Angel is "being all mature" by engaging in some cathartic boxing. He brought the punching bag up to his room. So that basement set really is history, I take it. Angel's also wearing a wifebeater, and since everyone's been griping about Boreanaz gaining weight, I have to say that I don't see it. Also, I hate you all for making me feel obligated to look that closely at him. Johanna and I spend some time arguing about whether Cordelia's shirt is completely made up of sheer ruffles, and if she's wearing something underneath it or not. Cordy tells Angel about using the Geiger counter to track monsters, and tries to cheer him up by noting that they may have something to kill later. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" she chirps, and I wait for her to add, "Yes, you would! Who's a good boy, then? Wooja wooja." Angel grunts in response and goes on punching. Cordy finally tells Angel that he's doing the right thing. By boxing? "What if he doesn't come back?" Angel asks. Oh, that. Apparently Cordy has no response, because the scene ends there.

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