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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

"A room," Connor says, by way of correction. Actually, he's just getting a motel room for himself and Holtz. Holtz is looking very Night of the Living Dead. That makeup is really, really terrible. And unnecessary -- he needs to look sixteen years older, which would put him at what? Maybe sixty? Certainly not one thousand and two. I really think gray hair and an extra wrinkle or two would have done the trick. Instead he's coated in latex, and it's like he and Connor had some Dorian Gray thing happening. Oh yeah: credits.

The next morning at the French Cottage Motel -- which is neither French nor cottage-like -- Connor picks up a newspaper in the office and goes hunting for breakfast. He spots someone getting goodies from the vending machine, and goes over for a look. Ah: fish-out-of-water humor. At least it's understated. He presses a button. Nothing happens. Presses it again, more vigorously. Then he starts shaking the machine, and hefts it up, and we hear glass break as we cut away.

Connor returns to his room with his arms full of junk food, but Holtz is nowhere to be seen. For a second, until he comes out of the bathroom. I think maybe we were supposed to wonder if Holtz abandoned Connor, but it's such a short pause that I'm not sure what the point was. Holtz grabs the paper, eager to find out what date it is. "Days," he mutters, "We've only been gone an unspecified number of days." Connor gripes that he doesn't like being here, because all of his friends were back in Quor-Toth and he had his own room and a treehouse and the teachers were nice to him and there was a cute girl down the street. Holtz says, "I should have known that one day you'd find a way out." Connor dismissively notes, "The cracks were there already, I just made the Sluks show me." "Sluks" being the crawdads, by the way. So fine, I was wrong: Connor's the Destroyer. I guess I'll spend the summer being bitter about that. I was still right about Sahjhan, though! Pardon me, I just hate being wrong. Holtz is overcome with pride at his foster child's crawdad-herding skills. Connor goes on griping that Holtz shouldn't have followed him, insisting, "I would have come back to you. After I killed him." Then he apologizes for not killing Angel already, but Holtz waves that away, noting that Connor only kills to survive. Like Ted Nugent! Holtz hobbles over to Connor, because in the time Connor aged sixteen years, Holtz apparently aged five times that much. Holtz says that Connor escaped Quor-Toth because he wanted to see Angel. Connor walks away to pout, but Holtz adds, "There's no shame in it. I knew this day would come. That's why I never lied to you." Holtz says he's always told Connor the truth about his origins. Connor creepily sums his history up by saying, "God gave me to you." Justine is God? Actually, given how screwed-up she is, that explains a lot about the world. Holtz agrees, "God delivered you to me, that I might keep you safe." They exposition briefly about Angel killing Holtz's family, and Connor repeats that he should have killed Angel. The exposition is actually nicely worked in, because this dialogue has the ring of something they've repeated over and over, like it's Holtz's twisted catechism. Holtz says that's not how he raised Connor, and that there's more for Connor to learn. He creakily stands up and tells Connor to go back to Angel: "Discover what of him is in you, that you might fight against it. But be on your guard. Remember what I've taught you: the devil will show you bright things. Many colors." "Colors"? Has he seen Angel's wardrobe? That was nicely creepy, and then at the end it just became confusing.

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