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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

Next week, the season finale. Angel hugs Cordy and pals around with Connor, which looks sweet in the preview but you know has to be bad news because of what we just saw. Cordy says, "I'm in love!" And, off-camera, adds, "With Angel." I join the world in prayer that this is some sadistic editor at work. Dear Mutant Enemy: I don't care if Angel falls in love with someone, and notice that I'm very much in favor of the idea that he loved Darla more than Buffy. But this thing with Cordelia? Makes. No. Sense. Love, Strega. I got a little distracted there, so back to the preview: Connor tries to do some kind of David Blaine magic trick with Angel in a box. I realize that my customary contrariness has led me to a somewhat defensive stance about this season, but seriously: isn't this better than Pylea?

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