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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

Connor runs like the wind through an alley. Angel parks by the side of a road and opens the envelope. I'm gonna quote most of it, because it's basically Holtz's swan song, and I think he deserves that much. Plus it's fun to find the double meanings. So. "This is a most difficult letter for me to write. You mean more to me than anything in this world, or any other. But your best interests must come first." Connor runs out into a street, and runs among the honking cars. "By the time you receive this, I will be gone." Holtz stares across his room at Justine, who is standing in the doorway looking very pretty. Connor runs against traffic, and does a super-cool bit where he runs right over the hood and roof of a sports car. "To attempt a goodbye in your presence would be impossible for me. I fear I would never let you go. And I must let you go -- I know that if I didn't, you would only end up hating me, and that I could not bear." Hey! Holtz used a contraction! He never does that. Outside the motel, Justine shoves Holtz into a wall while begging, "Don't make me do it!" We can see an ice pick in her hand as Holtz reminds her, "You said [that] you'd do anything for me. I'm not asking you to follow me into hell -- just help send me there." Maybe he discovered contractions in Quor-Toth. Justine pokes the ice pick into Holtz's neck as she bursts into tears. Back to the letter: "Your destiny lies with Angel. I know that now. You will have a better life with him." Holtz slumps to the ground and demands, "Again! Again!" Kind of like the baby on Dinosaurs. But not much, really. Justine cries some more and carefully pokes the ice pick back into his neck. Yeah, there's not enough blood, but this is TV. Connor keeps running. Angel keeps reading. Back to the letter: "I'm comforted by that certainty, and in the knowledge that, with him, you will discover your true purpose and come to know who it is you are meant to be." Y'know, I'd kind of like some shot of Gunn and Fred in this. I mean, I wouldn't enjoy seeing them, but they should be able to guess where Connor's going, so it'd be nice to see one shot of them stuck in traffic or trying to call Angel or some damn thing. Connor runs some more. Holtz falls to the ground and mutters, "Steven." Angel folds the letter up, puts it back in the envelope, and smugly says, "Connor."

Connor bursts into the motel room and calls, "Dad!" He looks so scared! Gosh. I'm suddenly overwhelmed with maternal instincts, and wish I could give him a blanket and some cocoa. Connor backs out of the room, and I guess Angel didn't finish Holtz's letter or something, because there's more: "My only prayer is that I've prepared you well enough for whatever lies ahead. I trust I have. Be brave. Lovingly, Your Father." The captions have that last bit as "Lovingly, Dad," which makes Holtz far too informal, in my opinion. Anyway. Connor runs...uh, somewhere, and ends up in the alleyway where Justine is stroking the hair of a very dead Holtz. Connor kneels down in shock by Holtz's body. Justine looks up at him rather guiltily. And honestly, if you have the episode on tape, watch the bit where Connor sees the wounds on Holtz's neck. You can totally see his expression go from a horrified "How?" to a cynical smile of dawning comprehension, and I'd just like to say: wow. He's very good. I'm sad about Keith Szarabajka's departure, but Vincent Kartheiser is pretty good compensation. Connor sees the two punctures in Holtz's neck and says, "Angelus." The end.

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