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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

Holtz answers a knock at his door and opens it to find Justine. How'd she find him? Maybe he's been leaving her notes somewhere, and making all kinds of embarrassing admissions in the hopes that Justine will put him out of his misery. Though if Justine's anything like me, she'd go for something more subtle than simple summer camp pranks. Like, she might start by privately suggesting some poster ideas to Glark, and then...well, I digress.

Angel tells Gunn and Fred that they should take Connor out for a few hours. It's got to be, like, ten o'clock now. Maybe they should let Connor take a nap. He's still a growing boy. In theory. Fred asks where they should take Connor, and Angel says, "Some place where this world isn't as ugly as he thinks it is." He just can't answer a direct question, can he? I wait for Fred to ask, "Well, how ugly does he think the world is?" She doesn't, though. Instead, Gunn asks what they should say if Connor asks where Angel is. "Don't tell him" is Angel's response. Again with the unhelpful answers. Gunn and Fred obligingly go off to babysit Connor. As Angel grabs his coat, Cordelia reminds him that it's time for them to do "that thing." She explains, "That thing where I say, 'Are you sure you know what you're doing?' and 'Angel, please think about this,' and then you ignore me and rush headlong into trouble." Angel nods and says, "Right, that thing. Okay, are we done?" Cordy repeats her pleas, and Angel insists that he won't kill Holtz. Cordy blithely says, "I don't care if you kill him. He stole Connor's childhood, so kill him. But don't lie to your son." Angel wraps himself in his coat of denial and insists that he's not lying to Connor, and Cordy points out the rationalizations, but of course Angel doesn't care, so off he goes.

Justine and Holtz sit in the hotel room as she tells him, "You gave me a reason again. Even if it was all lies." Holtz insists, "Not all." Aw. They're both so crazy and in love. But mostly just crazy. Justine adds that she'd still do anything for him, and asks how he survived in Quor-Toth. Holtz explains, "My hate kept us alive." I see. Justine enthuses about hate: "It can keep you going sometimes when nothing else will." Tell me about it. Holtz tells her that "the hate turned into love. Love for a son. Hate's not enough; I found that love is far more powerful." He says he needs Justine to do something for him before he can "be done with vengeance." Hey, I thought it was justice! I mean, according to him. I guess he had time to look at things differently.

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