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Angel's Past vs. Connor's Present

Previously on Angel, Holtz skewered Justine's hand, Angel shoved her, and Wesley probably bled on her nice jacket. Holtz took the baby away, proving he's not so bad after all. Angel did not try to open a portal to Quor-Toth, but they sure seem to be trying to convince us that he did. Connor came back, having completed sixteen years of acting lessons from Holtz. Ten points to anyone who can identify the source material for the index-page blurb for this episode, by the way. And also my deep, profound sympathy.

It's the same night that the last episode ended with, and Angel still hasn't returned to the hotel. You know, this is the third episode in a row set immediately after the preceding one. At this point, they've all been up for at least thirty hours. But to their credit, they're bustling around full of energy. Fred wonders why Angel hasn't called on the cell phone, and Cordy points out that Angel may not know how to use the thing. They start planning to go out looking for Angel, because they're worried that something else came out of the Quor-Toth looking for Connor. More on that in a moment. Cordy shushes everyone as Angel steps inside, still limping a bit from the shotgun blast he took. Angel reports that he found Connor, and that they talked. Gunn confirms that it really was Connor, and Angel mopes, "His name's Steven now." No one has a response to that, and understandably so. Fred asks where Connor is, and Angel says, "Not sure. But he knows where I am. He'll be fine." Everyone hastens to correct Angel, blathering that something may have come through the rift before they got it closed. Angel's not too concerned, since they don't know for sure whether anything besides Connor came calling. Fred worries that that some horrible monster could be coming after Connor, which is a strange thing to assume, and also a strange argument. I mean, if a nasty monster came through, it's probably a danger to everyone, so that's something to worry about, but there's nothing to make them think that Connor was being chased or hunted. Anyway, Angel says that Connor "survived Quor-Toth this long. He can take care of himself." Fred sniffs, "So he survived an unspeakable hell dimension -- who hasn't? But you can't just leave him all alone on the streets of Los Angeles!" Angel maintains his Zen, or maybe he's just too tired to care, and insists that Connor will come back "just as soon as he realizes he needs the same thing in this dimension that he needed in the other one." For no readily apparent reason, Cordy finishes that thought, "A father."

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