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Previously on Angel, Gunn reminded the audience that he used to be interesting and have friends like Rondell and George. Wesley got shot, and I'm glad they keep showing that scene because I wore out the old tape watching that over and over again. Angel realized that his employees were getting along, so he'd better nip their peaceful coexistence in the bud. Cordelia wished it would stop hurting, and maybe she meant the visions, but maybe she meant the bipolar plots.

Angel and the MoG are out at a fancy restaurant. Oh, we aren't supposed to know that Angel's there, because the shot starts by showing them in a mirror. But we do. Because we've seen this show before. They're celebrating because Cordy landed a role in a commercial. Cordy's hair has been attacked by a crazed blow dryer. It doesn't look bad, exactly; it just looks as if she's stolen some little old lady's wig. Cordy reminds us that she has visions, which cause her pain, which we know because we've seen this show before. She mentions feeling guilty, and Angel unconvincingly claims that she shouldn't feel guilty about ordering a $19 "sashimi-couscous appetizer." Cordy assures him that she doesn't feel at all guilty about her order, and off Wesley's questioning look, Angel insists, "I'm not cheap! I'm just old. I remember when a few bob got ya a good meal, a bottle, and a tavern wench." Yeah, and you remember when people in stagecoaches tried to run penny farthing bicycles off the road. Things change: now we run bicyclists over with our SUVs. It's called progress, okay? Angel does manage a passable lilt at the end of that line, incidentally. Cordy clarifies that she feels guilty about letting the rest of them work on a case while she shoots the commercial. It seems that Cordy saw a Haklar demon in a vision, so while she works, Angel will find out where it is. Then the boys will "kill it to death," to quote Wesley. Gunn and Wesley touch fists manfully. Angel spots this and puts his own fist out, forcing Gunn and Wesley to repeat their macho ritual. Gunn and Wesley start debating whether they should get a flame-thrower, while Angel goes on being awkward and cheap and so on. No one notices.

Forced to go to greater lengths to get attention, Angel spots a woman walking by. Woosh, he's up and at 'er. He grabs her shawl and describes it as a "Brahanian battle shroud, woven from the skin of dead children." As the MoG nervously approach, Angel hisses, "You don't think I know a Voctar witch when I see one? You don't think I can read the markings of a..." And about then he gets a better look at the shawl. Cordy arrives in time to complement the woman on her "beautiful, thousand-dollar Laura Mina original." She claims that Angel just can't control himself when he sees something pretty, "because he's, um...from France." I was pretty bored during this scene, but that got me. Jokes about the French are always funny. Hey, why are the avenues in Paris lined with trees? So the Germans don't have to march in the hot sun! See? Comedy gold. Plus then I pictured Angel as a Conehead, and maybe that's what the hair is hiding, and it all makes so much sense now, doesn't it? I was almost too amused by that to notice that Angel adds, "Pardon," as he backs away from the woman. I don't know why, but: heh.

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