Bachelor Party

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Bachelor Party

Harry runs in shouting "Stop it!" Everyone does. Cordy runs in just then, and I feel obliged to note that her bellybutton is completely covered. I think that's a good look for her. Richard pokes his head up from behind a booth and tells Harry, "This is for guys only." Harry says she knows what Richard is up to. Richard claims, "The stripper wasn't my idea, pook, I swear!" Harry says, "Not the stripper, Richard...There was a stripper?" Richard repeats that Harry shouldn't be there. Cordy responds, "Well, you shouldn't be trying to eat my friend's brains, you horrible, ugly, demon-people!" Doyle, still all green and pointy, crawls out toward Cordy. Cordy grabs a large platter and bashes Doyle with it repeatedly until Angel runs up to intervene. While Angel distracts Cordy briefly, Doyle scrapes off the Play-Doh and walks up to Cordy. "Oh, look what they did to you," moans Cordy. Harry demands of Richard, "Were you, or were you not, intending to eat my ex-husband's brains?" "In a way," Richard allows. Harry asks when Richard planned to tell her about this, and Richard says he thought he wouldn't have to. "You were going to start our life out together [sic] with deceit?" Harry asks. "Sorta missing the point, isn't she?" asks Doyle. Richard says he was following the ancient teachings, and Harry asks "Since when does your family follow the ancient teachings?" Dad says, "We don't flaunt our beliefs, but they're very dear to us." "Oh please, Uncle John," says Harry. Great, so he wasn't Dad, he was Uncle John. Does anyone care? I don't. Anyway, Harry asks him, "When's the last time you pried yourself away from ESPN long enough to spill the blood of a she-goat?" Harry turns back to Richard and says, "You know how I feel about these barbaric Ano-movician customs." One of Harry's brothers calls Harry a racist. Richard apologizes to Harry, but explains, "Unless we complete the ritual, my family will never consent to the marriage." Harry takes Richard's hands and looks at him, then lets go of him and exits. Richard looks at the engagement ring she left in his hands. As Harry passes Doyle, she says, "One word, Francis, just one, and I'll eat your brains." You could take that two different ways. Doyle and Angel turn to leave, while Richard's brothers comfort him. "Who wants a wife whose knees only bend the one way," one of them comments.

After a new variety of stuttering blipvert, we see Doyle surfing the web at the office. He walks away, while Angel and Cordy peer at him through a window. "He's still really hung up on her, isn't he?" asks Cordy. "More than he knew, probably, yeah," Angel answers. Cordy says that Doyle needs cheering up. Cordy is still covering her tummy, but she's wearing a red choker, possibly one of those fake tattoo things, which makes it look as if her head has been disconnected and sewn back on. Angel gets up, but Cordy stops him and adds, "Someone with a heartbeat." That was pointlessly mean. Cordy walks into the office where Doyle is reclining on the sofa and asks, "Are you gonna become loser-pining guy, like, full-time now? 'Cause, y'know, we already have one of those around the office." Then she makes a goofy face. Both Angel and Doyle say, "Hey!" by way of complaint. Cordy gestures to Angel and says, "He can get away with it. He's tall, and look at the way clothes hang on him." Before she can continue, Angel says, "I think you've cheered us up enough." "Us"? Who said anything about attempting the Herculean task of cheering Angel up? Cordy sits down by Doyle and tells him, "Nice guys don't always finish last." Doyle says, suspiciously, "You think I'm a nice guy?" Cordy smiles a bit and says, "I think it, I say it. It's my way." Doyle thanks her. Cordy asks if he's feeling better, and Doyle says he is, which is of course the cue for another of his visionary headaches. Doyle sees a certain blonde slayer battling a vamp. He looks at Angel, who says, "What?" nervously. Doyle stares at Angel silently, secure in the knowledge that he's done his job in setting up next week's "crossover event." Credits roll.

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