Bachelor Party

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Bachelor Party

In an average suburban homestead, Richard and the rest of the Walton family are gathered around the dinner table, discussing party plans. When Richard complains about having buffalo wings to eat, Dad says, "You're supposed to eat bad and drink beer." Mom enters with a bucket of KFC and says, "Don't forget the girl who does the striptease." Richard starts to protest that he doesn't want that kind of entertainment, but his two brothers insist that "It's your bachelor party, and we're going to have fun whether you like it or not." Richard hopes this won't make a bad impression on Doyle. Another woman, I'm guessing an aunt, asks who Doyle is. One of the brothers explains. Dad goes over the plan, "First we greet the man of the hour. Then we drink. Bring out the food, then drink. Then comes the stripper. Darts. And then we have the ritual eating of the first husband's brains. And then charades." Richard's brothers seem hesitant about charades, but Richard thinks it sounds good. I hope Doyle's brains aren't meant to be the main course, because the portions are going to be awfully small.

During the commercial, I think about how it would be funny to see Cordy in a story like Xander's in "The Zeppo," only to have her completely unaware that she was ever in danger or battling monsters at all. Wouldn't that be funny?

There are blipverts busting out all over as the bachelor party starts at the restaurant. Doyle enters, with Angel trailing him. Doyle is better dressed than usual, by which I mean that his clothes are not actually painful to look at. Richard rushes to give him a hug, and greets him as Francis. Doyle corrects him. As the guests notice Angel, Doyle says, "I asked him to come. I hope that's okay?" Richard stammers a bit and says it's fine, "Now the party can really start!" Angel blinks in enthusiastic response. While Richard escorts Doyle to the bar, the two brothers speak in demonese while staring at Angel. As Angel strolls by their table, one of the brothers winks at Angel. Okay, that was bizarre. Doyle and Richard drink a toast to Harry, and Richard demands that Doyle tell him all about Harry. At the shower, Harry is telling Cordy her version of her history with Doyle. Cordy is astonished to hear that Doyle "took charge." Cordy is more astonished to hear that Doyle taught third grade. She asks, "Are you sure he wasn't just held back and used that as a cover story?" Harry says, "Francis got his teaching credentials before we even met at the food bank." Cordy is momentarily relieved to hear that Doyle was in a food bank, but then realizes, "You're about to tell me he ran it, aren't you?" Harry says that Doyle was a volunteer, and that "that's where he got the idea for the whole 'We Are the World' thing." Cordy looks blank until Harry says, "I'm kidding about that part." The unnamed aunt calls Cordy and Harry over for pornographic pictionary. Harry notes, "Their ways are not our ways," as Cordy grimaces. Angel is a big wallflower while the party continues. He keeps making eyes at the two brothers at their table, but apparently neither of them will ask him to dance. Despondent, he imagines a blipvert. Richard and Doyle keep drinking at the bar. Richard tells Doyle that Harry will always love him, but that "she needs different things now. I know I can make her happy, but I need you to be a part of it." Richard asks Doyle for his blessing, and says "without it, there won't be any marriage." Some random guests drag Richard away to watch the stripper. If Doyle were a real Irishman, he wouldn't be drinking beer you can see through. Angel wanders over and asks Doyle if he's okay, because he hasn't heard enough about Doyle's feelings lately. They both turn to watch the very definition of a tacky stripper. Angel notices the brothers are heading into the kitchen area, and follows them, I guess thinking this is his big chance to score.

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