Bachelor Party

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Bachelor Party

Doyle is reenacting his moment of triumph when Cordy walks in behind him. She eavesdrops as Doyle tries out lines like "Fangs for the memories," which probably took him all night to think up. He finally realizes Cordy is watching and is properly embarrassed. Cordy tells Doyle that perhaps she's been unfair, and adds, "Maybe you don't actually have zero potential." Doyle is underwhelmed, and as Cordy tries to be a tad nicer the door behind Doyle opens and a Sarah Jessica Parker clone enters. Doyle turns, Sarah says, "Hey, Francis," and the piano of long-lost love tinkles a melody very similar to the one the flute of failed romance piped earlier. "Harry," says Doyle, stunned. "Francis?" asks Cordy, confused. Doyle clarifies that his full name is Allan Francis Doyle. So they're Harry and Francis. Apparently Kevin Williamson has convinced the entire world that we love gender-bending names. ["Who's that on the phone? It's Amanda Peet and Ivan Sergei, and they're pissed that Angel ripped off their show's central conceit." -- Wing Chun] By the way, Doyle is wearing a necklace -- a Celtic cross which has the power to magically pop in and out of his shirt, a continuity error I only happened to notice because I was trying to figure out what it was. Doyle explains to Cordy, "This is Harry. [dramatic pause] My wife." Cordy's smile fades.

After the commercials, Harry apologizes for dropping in without warning. Doyle asks if she thought he would have run off if she'd called ahead, adding, "That's not my style, remember?" Harry asks, "Do you want me to remind you who fired the starter pistol?" Before this escalates any further, Harry suggests she and Doyle should "just hug, and be happy to see each other." They do so while Cordy shakes her head. Harry asks if Doyle is still "living it up," and says, "that drinking's no good for you." The awkward conversation continues when Angel enters to inject some much-needed vitality into the group. If only he had any. Cordy snaps, "Angel, come meet Doyle's wife." Angel shakes Harry's hand. When Harry admires the offices, Doyle explains that he runs the firm and Angel and Cordy work for him. Cordy starts to protest, so Angel whaps her on the back with his elbow. Cordy asks if the marriage was a "green card thing." Harry says no: "It was a madly-in-love, couldn't-live-without-each-other kind of thing. But I guess times change, 'cause here we are four years later, living just fine." Doyle asks why Harry's there, and Harry asks if they can talk alone. Then the door opens again, and this time it's John-Boy Walton. Or his mole, attached to some other guy. "I thought you were gonna stay in the car," says Harry. The mole says that his curiosity got the better of him, and introduces himself as Richard Straley, shaking Angel's hand. Turning to Harry, he says, "You left out the part about him [sic] being such a handsome fellow." Angel says, "I'm not --" which I hasten to agree with. "No, you are, really," chuckles Richard. No, he's really, truly not. Angel explains, "I'm not Doyle." Richard gets a clue, looks at Doyle and says, "Oh, that's more like it." Doyle rolls his eyes, Richard tries to backpedal, Harry tells Richard to shake Doyle's hand.

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