Bachelor Party

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Bachelor Party

This week's episode opens with Angel in his office, reading a book that does not appear to contain pictures or conversations. What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations? Doyle enters, and asks if this is Angel's exciting plan for the evening. Angel says, "I get enough excitement," in his dullest of dull monotones. Doyle suggests other options, such as, "Two beautiful words: sports bar." Oh, Doyle: Go away. Doyle notes the presence of trivia games at said bars. Doyle: refer to previous message. Doyle complains, "I just can't sit around here while..." Cordy interrupts, "While I slip into the night with my incredibly-more-wealthy-than-you prince?" Cordy enters in a strapless black number, causing Doyle and Angel leap to their feet, which is on the borderline between gallant and suggestive. I think Cordy should be wearing a necklace or something, because in close-ups it looks like she's naked. Doyle tells Cordy that it takes more than money to be happy. Cordy demurs, as her date, Pierce, comes in to pick her up. As they start to leave Angel asks, "What's your hurry? You didn't even introduce us." It would have made a lot more sense if Doyle had said that, because what the hell does Angel care who Cordy's dating? Nevertheless, Doyle remains mostly silent as Angel asks what Pierce does, where they're going, and how late they'll be out. The answers are not interesting. Cordy and Pierce leave. Doyle picks up Angel's discarded book and observes that his chances with Cordy aren't good, since his family has no money, "Not to mention the fact that half of them are demons." As Doyle flips through the book, a picture of Buffy falls out. Doyle asks if this is an "old squeeze" of Angel's while the flute of failed romance tweets. Doyle figures out that the photo is of Buffy, just as one of his migraines of foreboding hits, providing him with a mystic vision of a guy chained up in a vampire den. Angel goes into rescue mode, and sets the atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed, while Doyle notes, "Everybody's got dinner plans but me."

The snippet in the credits with Spike makes me think about how unfair it is that they made him unable to feed right before Thanksgiving. Poor Spike.

Pierce and Cordy are at a restaurant. Pierce is a very dull guy.

Angel and Doyle have some vaguely Matrix-style shots of senseless violence as they battle the vamps and rescue their dinner. A vamp bonks Doyle over the head, causing his Play-Doh face (TM ejg) to appear, but Doyle shakes his head and returns to what I will call, for lack of a better term, "normal." After a blipvert, Angel asks Doyle "You're stronger when you're a demon, right? Why'd you shake it off?" Doyle says it isn't his style. Not tacky enough for him, I guess. Doyle's stronger when he's a demon? Does any aspect of Doyle's heritage make sense to anybody? Maybe his headaches are caused by the fact that his character doesn't make a bit of sense. Angel drags the hapless near-victim away while behind them we see that one of the vamps survived the melée, and looks a tad pissed.

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