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Make Someone Happy

Previously on Angel, Cordy squeaked, Satan stomped, Connor screwed, Angel sulked, and Wesley suggested something seriously stupid.

Fade up on montage of Angelenos staring upward while we hear a news report about the fact that the sun has "been blotted out from the sky" over Los Angeles. Sure, that sucks, but at least the earth hasn't been used up yet. Cut to the Hyperion, where Gunn turns the television off and -- hey! They've got a television! I wonder if Angel bought it back when he was trying to make a nice home for Connor. Gunn says, "There's going to be a huge rise in undead tourism." Fred is researching ways to restore the sun, but whines that she needs help. "I need Wesley," she sighs. Gunn glares at her, and she quickly adds, "His expertise." Gunn still has a little cut on his head from their battle with Satan. Gunn quickly expositions that Wesley and Gwen went their separate ways after the sun went out. Connor grumbles, "The answer is among us," and gestures toward the office. Connor also has some partly healed cuts on his face from last week's episode. Which is nice. I'm sorry, I really liked this episode -- it's exactly my kind of humor -- and I just want to praise everyone involved, down to the makeup artists, so indulge me. Through the window, we can see Cary is sitting in the office, looking at Angel, who is bopping his head, tapping his foot, and...well, we'll find out that he's singing, although that's not immediately apparent. Connor is smug about the discovery that his dad may be evil after all, but Cordy insists that Angel doesn't remember his encounter with Satan. "So he says," Connor sniffs. Cordy argues, "It wasn't Angel in my vision; it was Angelus." Also, it wasn't a vision, it was a memory, right? Connor says that Angel and Angelus are the same person, and he's not wrong. Cordy looms over Connor and replies, "Believe me, you've never met Angelus." She's not exactly wrong, either. Gunn says that maybe Wesley's suggestion about bringing back Angelus isn't such a bad idea. He says, "If there's even a chance Angelus could have inside info we could use --" Cordy interrupts, "And you think he's willingly going to turn it over?" She goes on to say it's not an option anyway, and goes over the perfect-happiness clause in the gypsy curse. She slowly adds, "And right now happiness of any kind is in kind of short supply."

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