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Previously on Top Model: The girls competed to be a Grammy girl, with Kayla taking home the ultimate prize, which was to give out prizes. The photo shoot for the week had the girls embodying famous fashion designers, and made clear who reads Vogue on a regular basis and who doesn't. Liz's portrayal of a cock-eyebrowed John Galliano finally broke Ann's top photo winning streak, while Kendal got the boot. Seven bitches remain!

The girls return to their house after the last judging, and Liz squeals with delight upon seeing her best-of-week photo framed as digital artwork. She tells us that she feels privileged to have broken Ann's five-week winning streak. Liz doesn't want to get conceited and bigheaded, but at the same time she feels great. From homeless shelter to having your photo displayed as digital art! Someone alert Lifetime to this moving story of courage. Ann is a little sadsy-sads about the whole situation. She says that she's not particularly worried about going home, but she is getting a bit nervous because the other girls have improved so much. Ann should get worried about the commercials and runway shows that loom in her future, because that shit is not going to be pretty. Esther reminds us that she was in the bottom two at the last panel and, per Tyra's instructions, has to come out more personality-wise. She also needs to blow her nose, because she always sounds stuffy. Esther is going to try to show more of herself, which I don't think is actually a good strategy given how sweet but dull she seems. When in doubt, adopt the personality of the contestant who is most irritating but has some sort of disease or secret pain.

There is Tyra Mail: "To be a top model, you will need help with posin'. Love, Tyra." Before you can say "Joan Crawford eyebrows," Miss J. enters to give the girls some information. They have a fashion show tomorrow, and are about to meet their amazing designer -- Mr. Zac Posen himself! Zac emerges imp-like and with some level of panache, and all of the girls must really regret being bare-faced and in their PJs. Chelsey, who seems like the one true fashionista of the bunch, is freaking out. Zac tells the girls that tomorrow they will be launching his new brand, Z-Spoke, and that they'll be accompanied on the catwalk by some real-live professional models. It's a challenge, and so Zac and Miss J. will be judging them. Ann tells us that she's not sure if she's ready to walk in a real runway show, given how whack her walk is. She tells us flatly that it's exciting but nervewracking at the same time. It is also exciting but nervewracking to see her impending breakdown telegraphed so soon into the episode.

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