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Finally, we have Marvita. Paulina thinks that she looks beautiful but unremarkable, and Bryan tells her that if she isn't given a story at a photo shoot, she should make one up. Tyra notes that Marvita's mean face is her go-to, and she needs to find something else on occasion.

In case you were wondering, Claire has been the Cover Girl of the Week three weeks in a row!

The judges deliberate. Stacy-Ann has potential, but isn't there yet. Whitney is the most exciting contestant there, according to Nigel, and Miss J. says that she has stage presence. Paulina wonders what happened to Aimee, who is so pretty. Tyra hates pretty girls, per usual. Katarzyna has model potential, but she's trying a little too hard. Tyra thinks that she needs a bun or something so she looks less like a pole dancer. Fatima needs to try a little harder, and to look less like a Pekingese. Anya comes to life in her pictures, but looks like chopped liver in person. Claire's photo is good, and she's rehearsed in basic modeling. There's something there, according to Miss J. Dominique is Miss February Meat Packer. Woo? Her new hair color makes all the difference for Miss J. Tyra totally made him say that, because he is her bitch. Lauren stands out in pictures, but is almost vapid in person, according to Nigel. Paulina thinks she's been there long enough to know to pull up her neck. Amis is pretty, but tries too hard. Paulina says she's like a little child -- she wants to stand out, but doesn't know how other than to put on a really dorky headband. And that's Porizkova for the win. Marvita has doe eyes in her picture, according to Tyra. Paulina thinks she's gorgeous, but needs a bigger facial repertoire. Paulina imitates Marvita, and methinks she has had some serious Botox in the center of her forehead only.

The girls return. Anya is called first, followed by Whitney, Katarzyna, Claire, Dominique, Stacy-Ann, Lauren, Marvita, and Aimee. This leaves Fatima and Amis in the bottom two. Amis doesn't seem to have a whole lot of focus, and is also a hot tranny mess. The judges wonder if she really wants to be a model, or if she's there for a fun ride. Then there's Fatima. Last week the judges were wowed, but modeling is about more than a pretty face. This week she modeled from the waist down, and her crazy tiger growls weren't fierce enough to maul any passersby. So who stays? Fatima, that's who. As if you had any doubt! She cries with relief, and Tyra eats it up. Amis tells Tyra that she's grateful for the opportunity and gives big hugs to all the other contestants, running out of the room before she gets sad. She tells us that she feels no bitterness about leaving, only huge amounts of gratitude. This is the best thing that ever happened to her, she says. Aside from that time she got the free hoodie. That was really awesome.

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