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Anya's shot is great. Nigel says it's the first fashion photo he's seen of the bunch. Bryan agrees that it's fabulous, and says that she seems like a natural. Paulina notes that Anya looks comfortable, whereas the other girls got squirrelly about how attractive they could be in beef drawers. Claire's photo is 1990's heroin chic, according to Paulina, which kind of works with the dead meat theme, but is a little passé. Miss J. isn't crazy about it either, but Tyra loves the picture and the angles of Claire's body. As Dominique approaches the panel, Tyra lies that she looks beautiful and makes a point of how this week Dominique got the hair color that Tyra wanted for her all along. Yeah, that hair color really fixes everything. Miss J.'s only compliant with Dominique is that her legs look smooshed. Tyra thinks that Dominique's eyes really connect with the camera. Nigel thinks that her photograph looks like something that you'd see on a calendar in the meat packing district. Is that supposed to be a compliment? She's got one leg up, and is holding the meat. Well, then. Paulina calls Dominique America's Sexiest Butcher. Now there's a show I'd like to see.

Lauren is next. Miss J. makes a point of telling everyone how terribly she did at the Tuleh runway show. He tells Lauren that she should just walk like normal, because when she tries to walk like a model, she's a mess. What is not a mess is Lauren's photo. One of her arms is almost dislocated from its socket, which really impresses Tyra. Nigel likes that she worked a meat hook in an interesting way. It's raves all around, though Miss J. reminds us that she has far to go on the runway. And then there's Amis. As she approaches, she says she looks like Axl Rose. Miss J. asks her what she was thinking. Amis rambles that she got her jacket for free. Okay, then. She offers to take off her jacket, then takes off her headband instead, mildly complaining that she thinks she looks cool. Her photo is in profile, which doesn't impress the judges. Miss J. wishes she would have cheated toward the camera a bit. Tyra likes Amis' energy in the picture, but she's not so crazy about Amis in person. Amis says that when she gets nervous, she tries to cover it by being campy or goofy. Wow! Amis psychoanalyzed herself before Tyra even got the chance! She's going home for sure. Tyra tells Amis that this is Cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model, so she should know better than to come to panel in her raggedy-ass headband and jacket. Point taken.

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