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Back at the house, Amis talks about her day on the shoot. Jaslene asked her something along the lines of what she wants to be or what she wants. It was so profound that Amis doesn't really remember. All this prompts Lauren to ruminate how she doesn't fit in with the other girls, and how Jaslene verbally punched her in the throat when she asked if she wanted to be there. Lauren says that she could go home on the G right now if she wanted to. Instead, she sits on her bed and flips through a magazine and...a coloring book? She wants to win this, immeasurably. Commercials.

And hey! It's Saleisha! And she gets to go to Baltimore, the makeup capital of the world! And a person can't flounce around Baltimore with just any lashes, mind you. Super Lash Blast!

When we return, there is Tyra Mail. "Prove that you've got the chops for this competition, or you'll be sent packing." Marvita and Amis do the "don't wanna be sent packing" two-step in celebration of the photo shoot to come. The girls head to the meat-packing district. They enter a meat-packing plant, which is filled with, well, a whole lotta meat. Jay Manuel emerges from the freezer wearing a white turtleneck and pants, and a white shearling coat. It's kind of like the time that Greg and Bobby Brady got locked in Sam the butcher's meat freezer, but a whole lot gayer. Jay tells the girls that today they'll be posing with some hunks...of meat. Literally. They're going to have to try extra hard to make this photo work, especially considering that their wardrobe for meat. Whitney interviews that she eats steak, so wearing dead animal carcasses really all that bad. Go, carnivore fat girl! The shoot is about creating a provocative mood, because that's what sells in the fashion business. It is also about generally being gross and trying to freak out any sensitive vegetarians among the bunch.

The girls get their hair and makeup done, and then it's time for them to get their meat on. Claire puts on her meat necklace and is feeling pretty gross about the whole thing. And hoo boy, she has some beef panties. And not the same kind of beef panties that Dominique sports on a regular basis. I don't know how I'd feel about raw meat next to my bits. Hey, shut up, you. You know what I mean. Jay introduces Claire and Fatima to photographer Trevor O'Shana, who also worked on last season's flaming car in the desert shoot. He gets all the winners. Claire is up first, and Trevor tells her to show off the meat. Jay gives Claire a few tips for making her legs look longer. Overall, she looks right at home amongst huge, dangling hunks of beef. This is not so for Fatima, who tries to work a meat hook to no avail. She snarls, and just general looks kind of hungry and not pretty.

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