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We see Marvita, with a bunch of other girls around, telling Aimee that they need to have a talk. Whitney tells Marvita to leave Aimee alone. Aimee has had a bad night, and she's already expressed that she doesn't want to get all nude in front of prying eyes the likes of Marvita's. Marvita argues that she didn't know that Aimee had a problem, but an upset Aimee replies that she told everyone during her first few days in the house. Marvita kind of gets in Aimee's face and yells that she's not being mean to her, and doesn't have a problem with her. It's true that when Marvita is just screaming at you without making punching motions in the air or saying the words "take flight," she's just chatting. Whitney asks why the others are feeding like parasites off of the negative energy. I must note that Claire has some weird streaky shit smeared all over her body. It's all very confusing.

To make matters worse, Fatima has to get in the middle of everything. She interviews that she got upset when Whitney defended Aimee, because Whitney starts a lot of things. I think I would defend Aimee, too. The girl just wants to take a shower! Fatima then tells Marvita that Aimee did not deserve her wrath, Whitney deserved it, because she's always starting up shit. Also, her ass is bigger than Fatima's. Whitney tells us that she believes in standing up for what she thinks is right. She doesn't give a damn what the others say about her, but they need to leave Aimee alone. Whitney's kind of a bad ass. Dominique interviews that she keeps her distance from Whitney, then tells a couple of the other girls that when she looks at Whitney she thinks of southern, not-cultured white trash. Yeah, she's a regular Britney Spears of plus-sized model wannabes. Stupidest altercation ever. Commercials.

When we return, there is Tyra Mail. "Better keep your story straight or you will be out of order." Oh my God, are they going to have to debate the whole shower situation in front of Judge Judy? If so, Marvita may finally meet her match. The girls head off and meet up with Miss J., who introduces them to designer Bryan Bradley of Tuleh. They learn that today they'll be walking in a Tuleh fashion show. Everyone gets their hair and makeup done, and Lauren stresses. Miss J. then introduces the girl to runway show producer Andrew Weir. As if these special guests aren't enough, Miss J. brings out Seventeen editor-in-chief Ann "Gisele with a schnozz" Shoket and Cycle 8 winner Jaslene! Amis thinks that Jaslene looks like a big ole' yummy doe-eyed Latino sandwich. If you like your sandwiches made with bone and gold lame, yes. Ann tells the girls that the winner of this challenge will appear in a Lot 29 advertorial with Jaslene, which will appear in Seventeen. The girls will also be forced to put their quick-change skills to use, having to get wardrobed in three minutes or face disqualification. Fatima, scarred by the famous firehouse shoe incident, is nervous, and adds that she doesn't work well under pressure.

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