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And then: Season 2's Camille, she of the signature walk and bad attitude. She says that someone has to be the villain, and for Season 2, she was it. No one steps in to disagree. Camille is delusional as ever. In her interview, she's sitting on a big armchair and has one leg slung over the side. She says that she's traveled extensively since being on the show, and just returned from India, where she was part of a campaign to raise AIDS awareness through fashion. We see footage of Camille on a runway somewhere. She says that she's living her dream not only as a top model but as an international model turned designer. Yes, you read right: Camille is now a proud designer of "Linger-wear," which is lingerie that you can wear on the outside. In other words: clothing for whores. They're bras and underwear in various garish colors. Now, when you think of bras and underwear in various colors, who comes to mind? Yes, that's right! Season 4's Naima! Turns out that Naima had her people contact Camille because she wanted to model Camille's linger-wear. She also brought her twin sister Nia to do some modeling. Camille was very excited about the whole thing. I wish that this paragraph actually referred to Camille Paglia and her brand-new linger-wear line. That would be at once both more amusing and more realistic. Camille says that she's been an inspiration to a lot of girls in the West Indies, who see that if she can make it, anyone can. Well put, Camille!

And speaking of Naima, we now get her update. As you might suspect, it is very, very short. I was a big fan of Naima on Season 4, but it must be said that she does not look good. She tells us that she's doing a campaign with Kenneth Flanagan, who is launching with Saks Fifth Avenue, and that she has done several charity events. She makes it sound like she's had a lot of jobs, but never gets into specifics, because there are none. We see clips of her "My Life As a Cover Girl" spots, as if having to sit through Yaya for two minutes wasn't enough torture. Naima says that she doesn't think it helps to be a diva, and that she doesn't want to put herself in a position where she's not Naima anymore. She really is a space cadet. Then it is time for the obligatory Tyra shout-out, in which Naima says that she's always struggled with self-confidence, and that Tyra has helped her a lot and taught her to be ambitious. Naima says she knows that she's inspired a lot of people, but wants to go even further so that she can continue doing what she loves to do: helping people. Well, I'm glad that modeling isn't what she wants to do, because she'd have a bit of a harder time at that, it seems.

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