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Back to the other Season 5 girls, who seem to be having a much better time. They are asked who was the biggest drama queen. Several girls say Kim, which seems pretty funny given a certain incident called Granola-Gate. Kim points the finger at Cassandra, what with the whole hair incident. Cassandra mock-denies it and says it wasn't her, but we see the clip of Jay telling her to leave his set. Cassandra says that she made ANTM history. She knew that her decision to leave a show would be a big deal, but had no idea exactly how big. Just like the rest of us, Cassandra Googles herself. I find that kind of charming. She says that she's set to host a regional show in South Texas.

We return to the other girls. The next question is what changes the girls have seen in themselves after ANTM. Bre says that she used to be something of a fatty in college, but put the shoe rubber to the road and stopped eating chicken and got herself in shape. Before you start sending me email or "for your consideration" copies of Crash, she specifically said "chicken." Bre says that if she can make it, anybody can. Cassandra says that being on Top Model makes other things seem more attainable. Lisa dances around like a crazy person, and with that...we're not quite out. Commercials.

Tyra tells us when we return that we should feast our eyes on the girls who walk in New York's Fashion Week. Designers and celebrities including Moby and Mena Suvari have their eyes on the "new glam It girls from America's Next Top Model." Moby must be really bored these days. Nicole tells us that she loves Fashion Week. Girls do little red-carpet interviews. There is a big photo shoot of the girls draped over a Ford Fusion. The designer of Alice and Olivia, who apparently doesn't have a name, partnered with Elle Girl and Ford to have the Top Model girls walk in their show. That's some kind of a short straw, right there. Not only do you have incapable models, you have a big-ass Ford parked in your runway. At least it's not on fire. Keenya, April, and Kahlen were there, along with some of the girls we've already seen. Kim walks like she has a gimpy leg. The whole thing benefits "the race for the cure" for breast cancer. Some of the models attempt to say something meaningful, but before we have a chance to get cynical, Lisa sticks her face in the camera and says it's party time. The girls go to a bar called Libation to celebrate. And then, Tyra says, it's time to catch a little shut-eye and dream sweet dreams about taking off down the runway.

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