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Then, Sarah must answer a question about Kim. We see the footage of Sarah kissing Kim in the limo. Sarah coyly yet uncomfortably says that she and Kim talk and speak and are friendly-"ish." Sarah says for the millionth time that she is not now nor was she ever in love with Kim, but allows that she was definitely infatuated by Kim. Cut back to all the girls together, where Lisa says that, if given the opportunity, she too would have made out with Kim. Yes, but Lisa also made sweet, tender love to a ficus. Sarah and Kim are doing that "accidental" sitting close arm-touchy thing that they probably think is subtle but is totally obvious to the rest of the world. They still want to get in each other's pants. Sit with that for a minute while we head to commercials.

When we return, Tyra asks us to imagine jet-setting to Paris for a hot fashion shoot with one of the world's best photographers. Yes, it's time to shoot Nicole's Elle cover spread with Gilles Bensimon. Will the country bumpkin be able to handle it? Tyra invites us to go "from the Prairie to Par-eee" to find out.

We see lovely Paris. Then we see lovely Nicole. She says that coming to Paris is amazing and that she's excited to claim her prize-winning haute couture spread. She is definitely reading from a script. She defines haute couture for us as being super-fancy, expensive, beautiful, and over-the-top. We see Gilles, and he is creepy as ever. Nicole says that she was nervous, but that this is a big moment for her career, and she is confident that she can do it. We meet some foreign lady whose name I don't catch. She is the style director of Elle, and says that haute couture is a magic word ["or phrase" -- Wing Chun], and is for princesses, and that shooting a couture spread for Elle "is like to live in a dream." Next time I am in a jam, I will be sure to yell "haute couture!" at the top of my lungs to be transported into a dream filled with creepy foreigners. And since I will be a princess, that means I'll also be a creepy foreigner, too, so the others won't bother me so much.

And speaking of Gilles Bensimon, he has some thoughts, which the Top Model editors have handily captioned for us: "Couture is a challenge for somebody new because it's not just a fashion story; it's more than that.'s a good challenge." The Elle style director continues to talk up haute couture. Nicole wears some crazy-elaborate clothes and feels pretty, princess-like, sophisticated, and chic. Her photos look good, but she seems really sad, like she's had all the goofy life force taken out of her. She claims to be happy, but she's still reading from a script.

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