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And then there's Yoanna, whose problem was a crippling lack of self-confidence. Present-day Yoanna says that she was very passive and wouldn't speak up or defend herself. I don't know about that, given her repeated kerfluffles with Camille. Tyra voices over that Yoanna's real problem was that she was previously a fatty. She lost sixty pounds, but not the feeling of being a fat girl. And of course this wasn't helped by the judges talking about how saggy she was and stuff like that. But Yoanna claims that Tyra's help through the whole ordeal helped her to believe in herself, "emote [sic] confidence," and blossom. Or maybe she actually turned into Blossom and now wears a flowered hat everywhere while chilling with Six.

And then, Toccara. Her confidence appeared big, but underneath there was "a big hurt" that held her back. We see Toccara breaking down in front of Tyra about some sort of mysterious thing involving her parents. Present-day Toccara talks about how the healing power of Tyra helped her. She seems fine. Tyra tells us that all of the girls faced their fears, and that absolutely nothing can stop them now. I think "absolutely nothing" might be overstating it a bit.

And we are back to our Season 5 losers answering random questions. Someone has a tiny little dog in a sweater. Sarah reads the first question, which is whether anyone would have done anything differently if they had a second chance. Cassandra says that she never would have said she was a beauty queen, because it was always used against her. It totally was, too. Good for her for not saying that she wouldn't have walked off the show. Kim says that she would have stood up for herself a little more. Bre says that she wouldn't have cried so much. She would have laughed things off and not taken them so personally. We focus on Bre for a moment and discover that she has more than a pinch of the Camille delusions. She says that before the show she was just Bre, a person working in retail, but now Bre is a commodity. People don't see Bre as being the girl from Harlem; they see her as being Bre the top model. She refers to herself in the third person throughout, and it's creepy. She says that she's willing to jump through any hoops to get to where she's gotta go. I hope where she's gotta go is far, far away. She walks in some radio station fashion show, and we discover that the little dog is hers. Of course.

Back with the rest of the girls, Bre says that all of the girls are capable of succeeding, and that all of them proved that by entering the competition and staying with it. So I guess that doesn't actually count Cassandra, who totally did not stay with it. Sarah says that her dreams are bigger now than they were before, and that she's much more confident. We see clips of Sarah stumbling on the runway. Bre says that Sarah looks beautiful. We focus on Sarah for a moment, and she says that she's wearing heels more and hasn't tripped recently. Well that's quite an accomplishment! Sarah says that her lifestyle is similar to what it used to be pre-show, but that she can't run to Wal-Mart in her pajamas anymore because she is a local celebrity of sorts.

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