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Natalie, 19 from Palos Verdes, California, is next, and when asked by Tyra about her "cushy" life admits that she's never had to work a day in her life. She's not Gossip Girl rich, but is possibly 90210 rich. If she's such a spoiled rich girl, why didn't she get those unsightly moles taken care of? Natalie is ├╝ber-confident, and says that she has one of the strongest looks going. She does have a perfect Victoria's Secret body. Aminat, 19 from Union, New Jersey, is next, and her defining trait is that she's really tall. She's 6'1" and works three-inch heels along with a 'fro for extra height. As a tall girl who can wear a pair of heels, I'm feeling her.

We cut back to girls hanging out and talking about who had the worst walk. Kathryn, 18 from Farmland, Indiana, starts to talk about how they had to wear the heels for hours and several people jump in to say that if you're already complaining about how your feet hurt, you need to go home and wear Crocs at your job at whatever mall kiosk has no policy about wearing non-hideous footwear. Kathryn starts to cry and the others tell her not to "take it personal." She busts out the fact that she has very bad anxiety and in fact has been having panic attacks all day. The other girls are basically like, "If you can't handle walking on a runway of clouds, what will you do when someone insults your cleaning habits in your very own tray of brownies?" Kathryn appears before Tyra and the Jays and, if you can imagine, things get worse. She has brought her pen collection for them to see. She has a hot dog pen (with mustard!) and a pizza pen and a pickle pen. Those will be handy for her many diary entries lamenting the fact that she did not get chosen to appear on America's Next Top Model. Tyra holds five of Kathryn's pens, then asks her to name five top models working today. She can't do it. Tyra tells Kathryn that designers aren't going to book her for jobs on the merits of her pen collection alone. She needs knowledge of modeling and passion for modeling. Kathryn starts to say that she's from a very small town, and Tyra's like, "You don't get the Internet in Indiana?" Kathryn interviews that Tyra is serious and can recognize a gimmick. But if it's a good gimmick along the line of "bicurious" or "former stripper," then you've got a shot.

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