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Then there's Jessica. Nigel says that despite her extraordinary body language, her face and eyes are lacking. There's no passion to the photo, and no story. It doesn't matter how dramatic the whole scene is -- if the face doesn't sell it, nobody will buy it. ALT says that Nigel's direction saved Jessica, and she lucked out because of the drama of the wind. Sara doesn't like it at all. Why not? She's really not into armpits. Huh. Because Jessica has a soft, pretty, commercial face, she has to do something to make it memorable. Jessica asks for confirmation that, even though she's a commercial model, she can capture an edgier look. The judges say that she absolutely can, if she gets some fire.

Krista is next, and the judges love her look in person and go nuts over her photo. Nigel tells her that she was magical and absolutely unbelievable on set. Sara loves the shot, and says that she showcased the garment flawlessly. Tyra says that her picture is like a tornado of loveliness. She's in control of the dress, and basically rocked the whole thing. Finally, there's Angelea. She of course won the go-see and is actually wearing her prize-winning Emma Ford dress. ALT calls it dreckitude, and Tyra clarifies that it's cool for the club. Angelea is glad that Tyra mentioned the club. Why, you may ask? Because she's having an acid flashback, and wants to demonstrate in slow-motion how she walks into a club and says hello to everybody. Nobody has any idea what the fuck she's doing, and they hurry to put up her photo. Nigel says that Angelea has the ability to take pictures and has incredible bone structure, but didn't try as hard as she could have. ALT says that up until this week Angelea has been fiercely focused, however this picture is his least favorite of hers. Sara notes that anyone who booked six out of six go-sees will make an agent stop and listen, however her photo is terrible. Tyra thinks it's sad, because Nigel really brought it with the composition, and Angelea gave him nothing back.

The judges deliberate. Raina was a delight to photograph, according to Nigel. She didn't just work the garment, but worked her emotion. ALT thinks that it expresses high fashion, and Tyra loves that she's telling a story. ALT adds, "Narrative!" Raina for the win, even with the blocky body. Alasia did not work in her photograph this week, according to ALT. Nigel adds that she had no idea what she was doing. He wanted her to be his muse, but she wasn't even amusing. Sara would not book Alasia, and says that her photo shows nothing. The girl who stood in front of them is a different story, however. Tyra says that everything is there, but Alasia is not. Alexandra's photo is Sara's favorite. She says that Alex is so committed, and makes Prince look like a prince. Tyra loves how Alexandra looks like she's having a painful orgasm with a sheep. Well, it's an emotion, I guess. ALT says, "Afterglow!" Jessica was depressing to Nigel, because she didn't think about her face. Tyra thinks that Jessica is a pretty girl who can also be a bit boring. ALT says that there's a disconnect. Krista gets mad love, and ALT says that Naomi Sims is looking down from heaven on her. Tyra calls it a "sock it to me" shot, and Nigel agrees that Krista took advantage of Prince even though she was scared. Sara adds that putting all of the girls in the same garment was a genius idea, and really shows who's there to win it. Angelea was a disappointment, and made her shot all about what the gown could do and not what she could do. ALT says that Angelea was off-key, and everyone wonders what the hell was up with her club dance routine. Sara is still traumatized. And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

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