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Hide and Go Sheep

Krista is next, and is terrified of the sheep. Nigel assures her that Prince isn't going to nibble her arm. Krista is working very hard, because she doesn't want to be the person who has the best photo one week and is eliminated the next. There seems to be little chance of this, as Nigel and Jay love everything she's doing right off the bat. She keeps her distance from Prince at first, but eventually grabs him tight. They're practically lovers by the end of the shoot. Jay tells us that Krista was really impressive -- she took her fears and faced them straight on, and it worked. She had amazing concentration and focus, even as Prince pulled her off of a rock. On this high note, the shoot ends.

Back at the house, there is more Tyra Mail. Someone is getting booted back to the U.S.A. Jessica is concerned, but hopes that she got at least a few good shots. She's going to be pissed if she has to get back on a 22-hour plane home. Alasia is also nervous as crap. She doesn't want to go home, but also doesn't feel like this was her best photo shoot. Jessica asks Angelea how her shoot was, and Angelea gets really stank about it. This is because she's nervous, and thinks for the first time that she might be in the bottom two. With this maudlin thought, we head to commercials.

When we return, it's panel time. There are prizes, there are judges, there are jumpsuits. Sara Tetro is the guest judge, and ALT is wearing a shiny green cape. Raina is up first, and her shot is deemed "gorge." Nigel says that Raina had shot after shot after shot. She went for it, tried so many poses, and was fluid. Tyra says that Raina's shot has a story, and is like a fairy tale. ALT adds that she evokes a kind of old-world romanticism, which comes through her face and her eyes. He loves everything about it.

Alasia is next. Nigel says that the picture has drama and mood, but much of that comes from the dramatic landscape. Shooting her wasn't inspirational, and he didn't get excited about it. ALT says he's more intrigued by the sheep, and that Alasia should have had more interaction with her wooly friend. The whole scene is very Wuthering Heights, but he's not getting emotion from her. Prince is totally smizing, though. Sara says she loves the composition of the photo, but that's a compliment for Nigel and not for Alasia. She'd flip past Alasia's photo in a magazine.

Alexandra is next, and gets big props for her major interaction with Prince. They're practically sixty-nining. Nigel says that it's dressitude and not dreckitude. There were multiple good shots, Alexandra had great personality, and she went for it. Sara looks at the shot and sees a committed model, which is a positive attribute. Tyra notes that for Alexandra to get so close to Prince, who is likely a smelly fellow, means that she's a model.

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