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Hide and Go Sheep

Jessica is next, and immediately takes a tumble down the hillside. She's okay, and so is Prince. The wind is blowing something fierce, and Jessica seems distracted. She's trying to be inspired by her surroundings, but gets distracted by attempting to figure out how to work her "technological" dress. She looks like she's gotten caught in a very morbid deflated hot air balloon. Nigel says that Jessica was a disappointment -- despite how great she was modeling and posing, her face looked confused. Jay tells her that she looks like she's second guessing herself and isn't into the shoot. Nigel says that if your eyes aren't committed, a photo fails. This is why smizing is so important!

Next up is Alasia. She tells Nigel that she's thinking about the scenery, but he doesn't quite buy it. He tells her to commit to it. Alasia looks amazing in the gown, but then she loses it. She gets poked in the butt by a tree log and busts out with the memorable quote, "I got a little pokey pokey going on here." Her strategy is to be serene and calm, and it works so well that she gives Nigel the same pose over and over again. Jay tells her that they need some more extreme posing, and Nigel suggests that she lies down. She then kind of slips into a patch of mud. Pretty. Alasia gives Nigel nothing, and he says that her sparkle went away. She holds on to Prince's horn for dear life, but he totally doesn't want to be brought down by her lackluster performance.

Raina is next, and gives Prince a sturdy pull on his horn. He, along with Nigel and Jay, seems to like it. Raina also seems particularly adept at using dead wood as a prop, and Jay and Nigel are in fits of rapture. Jay tells us that every shot of Raina's was like, "Bam!" and you can tell that she thinks about what she's doing. Nigel lies in a pile of shit to shoot her, which he notes is a special compliment. A confident Angelea is next, and wants to sit on the sheep. Nigel explains that Prince is a living creature, and not a rock. Angelea just laughs. She starts to wave her dress around, and Jay tells her that she's thinking too much. In an interview, Angelea admits that she walked on to the set and got lost. This is a disappointment, particularly coming off of her go-see win. Nigel tells us that Angelea took the shoot too literally -- her gown could do a lot of incredible things, and she focused on that rather than on modeling herself. Jay agrees that she's focusing too much on the garment. Angelea is confused and frustrated, and is very distressed at the thought of going home when she's so close to making her dream come true.

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