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Hide and Go Sheep

Colin and Sara give the on-time girls their critiques. Jessica booked only one out of four go-sees. The designers said that she had a great personality and is a real natural beauty, however she's a bit too commercial for high fashion. Alexandra booked a shameful zero out of four go-sees. The designers agreed that she had a strong walk, but needs to learn how to carry concealer with her at all times. Angelea booked a whopping six out of six go-sees. The designers thought that she was confident and presented well. She's the clear winner. Angelea refers to herself in the third person before asking us, "Who's competition?" She answers her own question with a sassy, "Yeah, I am." She gets garments from all the designers, which will await her at the girls' new house.

And speaking of the new house, wow. It's a fabulous penthouse suite with tons of room, but that doesn't stop the show from putting six twin beds in one room. Angelea notes that going from subsidized housing to a penthouse suite in the tallest building in New Zealand is pretty crazy. Krista and Angelea check out their new gear, and then everyone basically just collapses into bed. The next morning, the girls frolic on their impressive balcony and admire their ocean view. A giant rainbow appears in front of them, because New Zealand is magic. Also, it rains a lot. Everyone is appropriately impressed and grateful to be having such a wonderful experience. On this rare positive note, we head toward commercials.

When we return, there is Tyra Mail. "All we need is one, the rest is just fluff. Love, Tyra." Someone wonders if they'll be surrounded by sheep, which seems like a pretty safe bet. Indeed, the girls head to the middle of a field that is home to a whole lot of sheep. Jay Manuel enters in a tractor of some sort, and he has Nigel along with him. Nigel notes that while sheep may be hard to tell apart, top models must stand out and make names for themselves. Today, they'll all be wearing the same dress by Lloyd Klein. They need to stand out and make an individual statement. And they must do so while fraternizing with sheep. Nigel grabs a sheep and tells the girls not to be distracted by these horny beasts. I assume he's counting himself in that company. Krista tells us that she's really scared, and has a thing about animals. A bad thing, I guess.

The girls head to get done up. Ryan Taniguchi is the hair stylist, and Vincent Oquendo is doing the makeup. Jessica is first in the Lloyd Klein dress, which is crazy. It's like if Alexis Carrington were a witch. There's billowy fabric everywhere. I have a rule that I will not buy anything that I can't immediately figure out how to put on, and this dress would certainly fail that test. Alexandra is looking happy and positive and says she's inspired by the environment. She tells us that she's stoked, because she grew up around animals. Indeed, she wastes no time in getting close to the sheep, whose name is Prince. Nigel, a long-time fan of bestiality, says that Alex came on set and showed fire and passion. She also takes what the panel said about the angles of her face in previous judgings, and is incorporating that into her positing. Nigel and Jay basically love everything she's done, and Nigel tells her that she's found her spark again. She's happy.

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