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Hide and Go Sheep

With just under an hour to go, Alasia heads to her fifth go-see. It's at a house owned by designer Annah Stretton. She, too, is wearing homely boots, but no one seems to have commented on that so far. Krista runs up behind Alasia, and peers at her while she waits. She tells us that Alasia has a bad stankin' walk, and holds her hands as if she's praising Jesus in church with a handbag. It's actually a really good call, even though it doesn't seem to make much sense when I put it on paper. Jessica finally gets a win at Twenty-Seven names, who like her and think that she has a strong walk. With forty minutes left, Jessica goes back to the agency. She gets there at 5:00, half an hour before their deadline. Angelea hits her sixth and final go-see at Emma Ford. Emma loves her, and they would absolutely book Angelea.

With her work done, Angelea hits the taxi and heads to the agency. Raina also knows that she's short on time, and decides to head back to the agency. Angelea arrives, and Jessica is impressed to learn that she made it to all of the go-sees. Alexandra also arrives before the deadline. Raina has a really slow taxi driver, and asks him if she's better off getting out and walking to the agency rather than sitting in traffic. He tells her yes, and she totally gets lost and stuck in the rain. Bad idea. Alasia, meanwhile, has left her map at Twenty-Seven Names. She knows she's screwed. As the clock hits 5:30, none of the other girls have made it back. Krista arrives three minutes late and is disqualified. Angelea says that, even though Krista's her girl, she's sure that if the tables were turned that Krista would be happy if she showed up late. This all, of course, implies that Angelea is happy that Krista's late. A soaked Raina arrives after Krista, and Alex says it's karma for cutting her off earlier. Alasia's lateness is a surprise to no one. She finally arrives about forty-five minutes late, which is sure to get her a terrible lecture.

Colin, with some flowing 1970's hair, introduces the girls to Sara Tetro, the owner of 62 Model Management, and host of New Zealand's Next Top Model. Her first order of business is to tell Krista, Raina and Alasia that they were all late, and she can't abide lateness. Time is money, and so all three of them are disqualified. However, Krista still wins a garment from every designer she saw today, since her best-of-week photo entitles her to share in this week's prize. Sara tells Alasia that being 45 minutes late is simply inexcusable. Alasia agrees that it's outrageous, but tells us that she's not going to be stressed about it, because the last thing she needs is to be stressed. The first thing she needs is a watch. [I really wanted to know how Krista and Alasia fared with the bookings. The lease they could have done was told us before hitting the DQ button. - Angel]

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