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With two hours and forty minutes left, we learn that Alasia has been on three go-sees, as has Raina. Alexandra has been on two. She heads to the Stolen Girlfriends Club, which is a gaggle of three male designers. They think that Alex has a good personality, but is a bit casual in her Ugg boots. Note to self: Always wear stilettos on the plane, just in case. Krista has her third go-see with Cybele Wiren, and Jessica has her second with Kate Sylvester. Kate agrees that Jessica is too commercial, and says that she wouldn't book her. Angelea, meanwhile, has her second go-see at Twenty-Seven Names, and tells us that she booked it. They do seem to enjoy her walk. As traffic starts to get congested, Krista tells us that she has to step her game up. She wants to stay in the top the whole time, and is willing to kick, scratch, kill, and do whatever she needs to do to ensure that that happens. With that we head to commercials.

But not just any commercials! It's the Cover Girl Top Model Lounge! Past faves Bianca and Laura dish about what just happened. They agree that a 22-hour flight to New Zealand is ridiculous, and immediate go-sees are crazy. Laura kindly notes that she looks like pure trash when she gets off the plane. Bianca does too. And she can't wait to see what happens next. Pure trash, I'm guessing.

With under two hours remaining, Krista has hit three designers. She heads to Emma Ford for her fourth. Emma Stuart loves her legs in her photographs. With Raina waiting and watching, Krista gives a show designed to show a bitch up. Emma tells us that they'd definitely book Krista, because she's amazing. Raina then walks. Emma wanted to love Raina, because she has a beautiful face. Unfortunately, her body and her personality aren't really what they're looking for. That was tactful. Raina... is kind of built like a lumberjack. That's a body designed for hoisting yourself up trees. I'm not saying it's a bad body, and I too struggle with having kind of a straight waist. She's just kind of blocky.

With an hour and a half to go, Angelea runs through the rain to another go-see. She says that New Zealand weather is weird, her hair is bad, and she was a hot mess. But as a model, you never know what's going to happen when you get off the plane, and have to make people look past your nasty hair and to your runway walk of gold. Angelea walks for Cybele Wiren, who says that she's her favorite so far. She'd book Angelea, too. Alexandra goes to Twenty-Seven Names next. They are also not impressed by her Ugg boots, nor her bad skin. I was wondering when someone would mention that. Designer Rachel Easting says that they would not book her.

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