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Alexandra is exhausted, but feels like a new person since she left New York. She gets out of her cab and walks to her first designer. Jessica gets out of her cab and sees Alex entering the building. And so, with an impressive display of stank, Jessica sprints right past her and up the stairs. Alex calls her a bitch, which is totally true. She's a speedy bitch, though. Alex is furious, and decides to go to another location instead of waiting. At designer Twenty-Seven Names, Raina walks for designer Anjali Stewart. Anjali says that they wouldn't book Raina for runway. Her walk was quite slow, though they acknowledge that with her gorgeous face she'd be particularly good for campaign images.

Alasia heads to Emma Ford swimwear first. Designer Emma Stuart is ALT's soul sister, since she also loves Alasia's ass-crack-arm photo. Alasia tells us that she's gaining confidence in this competition, and finding her swag. It's great. Alex winds up at the same designer, and has to wait for Alasia to finish. Krista is behind her. Apparently everyone is indeed on the same route, with the exception of genius Angelea. Alasia walks, and Emma loves her body shape. Designer Mark Burton says that Alasia has a lot of shape, which is good for swimwear since models are usually too skinny and don't look so great.

Angelea knows that she looks a mess and says that when designers look at her they might go, "Oooh. Girl, what is wrong with your hair?" But knowing is half the battle, and Angelea is going to wow them with her personality. She heads to designer Kate Sylvester and walks in a dress that screams executive realness. Designer Kate Sylvester says that they would absolutely book Angelea for a show -- she has a strong, sexy walk, and a great attitude. She worked the dress, says Kate, who then mistakenly adds that she'd be a nice person to have hanging around. I think Kate was seduced by Angelea's signature cat claw motion. In an interview Angelea says with satisfaction, "Sit down. Kate Sylvester. Booked." She adds that she didn't see any of the other models around, which bodes well for her.

Raina, unfortunately, runs into a log jam as she encounters Jessica in the hallway of designer Cybele Wiren. Jessica tells us that this is her first go-see and she's very nervous. She's always worried about being perfect, and adds that having a baby and a husband at a young age, people tend to look down on her. She's working her way out of her shell, but there's still some shell to be had. Jessica walks for Cybele, who thinks that Jessica's a bit soft on the commercial side for her. She isn't sure that she'd book Jessica. We then cut to Krista, walking for Kate Sylvester. Kate and her associate are impressed, and ask Krista if she's been practicing. Krista tells them that she loves runway. Kate says that Krista was really cute, and kind of like a teenage Bambi. Points for Krista for getting Kate to fit "teenage" into that equation.

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