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Six beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has five photos in her hands. And those five photos represent those who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The first name that Tyra will call, who is the girl who has the best picture, is Krista. Two weeks in a row! Tyra then calls Alexandra, followed by Raina and Angelea. Angelea gets a lecture for looking so pouty and defeated while waiting for her name to be called. Tyra tells her to hold her head up high and take bad news like the strong drag queen that she is. This, of course, leaves Jessica and Alasia in the bottom two. Alasia has a lot of potential, but lacks focus. Sometimes her brain isn't present on set. Then there's pretty, pretty Jessica. She pulls out an interesting picture every now and again, but also has a lot of wah-wah photos, and needs to work on her face. So who stays in the competition? It's Jessica. I think that's a bit of a surprise, and a bit of a sadness. Alasia is just so weird and wonderful. Tyra tells her that it's not enough to just be the prettiest girl on the block. Alasia is stunning, and has to connect her brain with her body. She needs focus, in photos as well as in life in general, I think.

Alasia packs and tells us that she's happy to have made it this far. She's an amateur, and knows nothing about the industry, so she's happy with her performance. At home she always felt boring and plain and unimportant, but making it so far in this competition made her think that she's somebody. Most of the time this would make me sad, but in Alasia's case I think it's a real infusion of self-confidence. She'll forever be my soul sister in lateness, unconditional showering, and non-traditional storage methods for frozen veggies.

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