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Previously on ANTM: Fatima faced some legal woes related to her passport and visa, while Lauren faced some bloody woes related to slicing a knife through her finger. A group shoot at the airport turned dramatic as Fatima almost missed her flight abroad and came to judging without a photo. However, it was Stacy-Ann who got the Italy-shaped boot as the rest of the contestants headed to Rome. Six bitches remain!

It's Rome! The girls arrive in the airport, all very excited and knowing that they have to bring it like a tray of piping hot linguine. A shuttle picks them up and drives them through the city. Dominique loves that the Romans have preserved their old structures and buildings, and says it's like going to a museum. Yes, I always like a good trip to the Giant Ruins Museum. ["Also: I'm so surprised that Dominique, of all people, would appreciate the preservation of old structures. Weird!" -- Joe R] Anya has never been abroad, and is looking forward to the adventure laid out before her. And you know, Anya would be, like, the best protagonist ever in a Choose Your Own Adventure book. She very sweetly says that she's appreciating every moment. This would be a diabolical time to flip to page 112 and have her be maimed in a moped accident. Lauren tells us that she never expected to get this far in the competition, and is blown away by it. However, in the shuttle she looks decidedly bored as the other girls ooh and aah over the scenery. Maybe she's coming down from anxiety pills for flying or something. Even though she doesn't fit in with the other girls, she says, she's going to try her best, and whatever happens, happens. That part about not fitting in was totally cut from another interview. Never trust anything you hear on this show if you don't see lips moving.

The girls get out to see some sights, and Anya totally face plants just as she steps off the shuttle. She thinks it's horrible that she ate it on her first step in Rome. But she just gets up and brushes it off. Maybe post-impact she'll start spouting mathematical theorems or something. Whitney interviews that, as a plus-sized model, it's a really huge deal for her to have gotten this far. Only one plus-sized model in the past has done that. Would that have been Cycle 1's Rob(y)n(ne)? Crazy! She's very grateful and happy to be there. And really, it would have been a shame if the one contestant who can legitimately enjoy food hadn't made it to Rome. Fatima tells us how happy she is to have the drama with her travel documents over, and now that she's in Rome she's ready -- mind, body, and soul -- to conquer the competition. She's back with a bang.

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