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Top Model Takes It to the Streets

Next we have Lauren. She apologizes for wearing Converse high tops, saying that she doesn't know where her shoes are. Tyra asks if someone stole her shoes, and Miss J. speculates that it was one of the queens at 5 Pointz. Lauren confesses that she wears a size 10, and everyone on the panel is like, "Oooh, yeaaahhhhh." Her photo is gorgeous, per usual. Go, Lauren! Whitney is next, and her photo is pretty bad. She seems self-conscious, and Vendela says that, based on her performance at the posing contest, it doesn't seem like she's taking it all very seriously. Is that, like, the only English that Vendela knows? Get another critique! Whitney tells her that she was trying to mimic the queens, and assures Vendela that the competition is very serious to her. You don't see her drinking a damn Colt 45 every night, do you?

Claire is next. Her photo is good, and would have been great if she'd have lengthened the neck a bit. Nigel says that she has a very strong face, and Tyra also likes the power in it. Then there's Marvita. Tyra notes that she looks defeated, and says that she's gotten word back that Marvita doesn't seem at all invested in the competition. Marvita halfheartedly says, "I really want this and everything." Miss J. thinks she looks sad in her picture. Tyra doesn't hate it, and says that it's almost like National Geographic meets French Vogue. OK, and that's not at all racist? You do not bust out, "You looked like you stepped off of the pages of National Geographic" lightly. To make matters worse, Paulina says that it looks like an orphan is doing modeling. But maybe she means it as a compliment? Poor Marvita. You really can't blame her for wanting to go back to her cardboard box on the corner.

Stacy-Ann is next. Her shot is one of Nigel's favorites, and everyone agrees it's great. However, Tyra says that throughout her film she seemed a little lost, and she tends to lose her neck. Aimee is last, and Paulina tells her that in person she tends to look just like a regular real girl rather than a model. The horror! It's almost as bad as a hairy pit. Her skin looks beautiful in her photo. Nigel says that she's a chameleon, and looks very different from one shot to the next. We don't yet learn if this is a good or a bad thing.

Need I even mention that Claire is the Cover Girl of the Week again? It's no trip to Bora Bora, but I bet she's still proud.

The judges deliberate. Dominique looks softer and more beautiful than anyone thought was possible. She's almost getting it. Anya might not be able to carry off all the makeup and paint. Katarzyna is losing her wow factor, and needs to raise her game. Fatima needs to learn how to shave her damn pits. Whitney has a fabulous face, but is getting a little dull. Nigel, however, is a fan. Chubby chaser! Vendela doesn't think she has what it takes. Tyra and Miss J. look like they want to stab Vendela for saying this. Claire doesn't need obvious beauty, because she's confident with herself. Marvita is giving up on the competition before it gives up on her. Aimee is a chameleon, but often when a designer books a model it's because she has a certain look. There's not enough of herself in the photos. Stacy-Ann is doing well, and is improving week by week. Paulina loves Lauren, even though she lumbers out like Young Frankenstein. Miss J. wants the queen who took Lauren's size 10s to give them back. Tyra.

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