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Top Model Takes It to the Streets

Back at the house, Dominique hopes that Tyra sees something special in her photo. She interviews that she can see herself being America's Next Top Model. Marvita does not look quite as hopeful. She interviews that she doesn't want to go home, and hopes that Tyra sees something different in her as we head to commercials.

It's time for panel! There are prizes, there are judges. The guest judge for the week is Vendela, who also happens to be the host of Scandinavia's Next Top Model. The supermodel bookends effect of her and Paulina at the judging table is almost too much for me to handle, I have to say. Dominique is the first up for evaluation. Her photo is actually really good. Tyra says that, looking through her film, she was surprised at how much softness Dominique displayed. She went from "fine girl in the club" to model. Nigel thinks the shot shows a real intellectual side to her. I don't know if I'd go that far. But really, it's great.

Next up is Anya. Oof, the nose! Janice Dickinson would totally make her hack that thing off. Nigel wants to see more power in her eyes, which gives Tyra the perfect opportunity to give her famous "dead eyes," "fierce eyes," demonstration. When she does "fierce eyes," it actually looks like she's going to come through the TV screen and try to eat my spleen. Pretty! But, you know, point taken. Katarzyna is next, with her hair in a bun just like Tyra told her to do last week. But it still looks too styled. Her poufy hair is certainly going to be her demise. However, she has alive eyes in her photo! Paulina thinks it's relaxed but sophisticated. Next we have Fatima. In her photo she has an arm over her head, and immediately Miss J. zooms in on her armpit hair. Tyra says it best when she asks, "What is up with the armpits, girl?" Everyone is appalled. Fatima tells them that she doesn't shave, and it is like she just said, "I like to stab puppies in the head with my stiletto heels." Which she probably does, too. But anyway: horror!

Fatima says she thought it would be touched up. The panel is quick to tell her that in the debate over a $1,000 touch up and a $1 razor, the winner is another model. Paula says, "This is the only job in the world that pretty much just requires you to show up clean and shaved and for a lot of money." I love that she basically just undid Tyra's seasons of protestations that modeling is really, really hard work. You just shower, shave, show up, and stand there. I knew it all along! Vendela tells her to take this seriously if she really wants it. Fatima replies that she's very, very serious. The armpit hair almost distracts the judges from the fact that her photo is great.

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