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Top Model Takes It to the Streets

The girls get done up in their bright makeup and plastic wedge headgear. Marvita, meanwhile, is sitting in the corner all covered up in a hat, huge sunglasses, and a turtleneck sweater that goes up to her nose. Jay asks her what the judges said about her last photo, and she mumbles that they told her she did what she always does. Jay doesn't want that to defeat her, and tells her to get the heck out of the corner and start practicing. Fatima watches Marvita practice, and tells us how sad it is that Marvita doesn't know how to look pretty. She says it's okay to be beautiful, and not to be such a hard-core hood all the time. You just stifle and let Marvita be the damn butch self that she wants to be, okay?

Jay introduces the girls to Peter Buckingham, their photographer for today. Lauren is up first, and gets paint dripped all over her head. She clutches her pearl necklace in her teeth, and Jay tells her she looks like she could be on the cover of W. Aimee gives great intensity in her eyes, and Stacy-Ann also does a good job. Katarzyna starts off rough, but gets it together after Jay tells her to imagine some pumping techno music. Whitney is instructed not to suck in her cheeks. Jay also is not so into her dead hand, and how she occasionally looks like a blow-up doll. He doesn't think that she realizes that she has an effortless, timeless beauty.

Anya does a good job, as does Claire, who gets paint in her mouth. Then there's Dominique. Jay fears that it might get too severe, but Dominique is determined to have fun. She works it, and Jay tells her that this might be her best shoot today. Dominique interviews that she's not Tyra Banks, but she will be soon. Bitch, please. Not even someone with such natural gifts of annoyance can hold a candle to Mistress T. Fatima is up next, and is determined to have great photos. Jay thinks that she struggles with her overanalytical nature, and doesn't know how to bring variety and improvisation on set. Last and least impressively, we have Marvita. Jay tells her not to get defeated. His words are in vain, as Marvita basically stands there and bugs her eyes out, then stands there and looks off to the side like she's bored. Jay doesn't know what to do. Marvita interviews that she tried to find the softness within herself, but she was intimidated when Jay started to yell at her. He's not really yelling, but he is trying to get some emotion out of her. He thinks that she looks like she's checked out of the competition. She's either over it, he says, or too intimidated by it, and her photo shoot was a disaster.

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