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Top Model Takes It to the Streets

When we return, Dominique clarifies in an interview that Whitney can be racist toward a red-headed Catholic girl, or the ever-popular blonde, blue-eyed Jewish girl. In any case, Whitney's supposed "best black friend" is not impressing Dominique. Whitney yells that this has nothing to do with Dominique being black, and everything to do with her being an idiot. I'd buy that argument. She interviews that Dominique crossed a line by calling her a racist. Before, she was sarcastic in the vein of, "Dominique's dumb, whatever." But now she's legitimately offended. She acknowledges that she was angry and probably said some things that were out of line, but you have to use different tactics when you argue with different people. Dominique scowls, because she is confounded. She ends by saying, "And you look like all of 30 and act like you're 12." Whitney's response? "Where's the Saran Wrap?" Because...Saran Wrap is color blind? Seriously, I don't know.

Thankfully, there is Tyra Mail! "The battle is on. You better bring it to the center, and WORK! Love, Tyra." Marvita deduces that they're going to be battling with each other, then runs off to stick a lead pipe down her pants. The girls head off to 5 POINTZ of Brooklyn. Lauren tells us that she lives in Brooklyn. She should know then, that 5 Pointz is, from what I hear, actually in Queens. Vendela meets them there, and tells them that they're going to see some of the best posers in the world. It's Benny and the Voguers, all of whom are drag queens or transsexuals. Dominique says that they were all draggish, and all beautiful, and all knew how to work it. She says that this is where she fits in. Because of the "draggish" part, I guess.

Benny explains to the girls that they will break up into two teams, from which there will be individual posing battles. The posing must be continuous, and Benny will yell out catalogue, commercial, or couture throughout. The girls are to end in one of those poses, and each of the battles will be scored according to a point system, and there will be one winner of each battle. The team with the most points will win the whole shebang. Team A features Aimee, Lauren, Dominique, Anya and Fatima. Team B is Whitney, Stacy-Ann , Katarzyna, Claire, and Marvita. The winning team will go to the swag tent, where they will be eaten by the giant, three-horned swag. Some prize! One girl on the winning team will get an extra special prize -- presumably the big winner will be the person who does the best overall.

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