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Top Model Takes It to the Streets

Dominique has a talk with some of the other girls. She says there was a miscommunication between her and Whitney, and that she never got the message about having to be in the phone booth at a certain time. As it turns out, Whitney actually created the phone list. Hmm. OK, they both suck. Claire actually jumps in and tells Dominique to stop yelling at Whitney, because it wasn't her responsibility to tell people where they fell on the phone list. Claire is a breast-milk-drinking beacon of wisdom and fairness, so now I'm back on Whitney's side. Dominique, however, stands her ground and asks whose responsibility it is. Claire tells her that everyone must have responsibility for themselves. So, I'm guessing that the phone list concept is not new, and that Dominique is just being an idiot. Am I right? Let's have a poll.

The debate continues! Whitney tells Dominique that she missed her time, and Dominique tells Whitney not to twitch her head like that. Whitney, for her part, is going to twitch her head however she wants. The conversation becomes less about the phone, and more about Dominique and Whitney hating each other. Dominique says that Whitney talks and looks at people in a way that's very disrespectful. As opposed to that time last week when Dominique called Whitney white trash, I'm guessing. I've never heard such respectful talking behind someone's back! Whitney gets a steely look in her eye and says, "I have no reason to respect you." Well, now! Whitney: breaking down jolly fat girl stereotypes daily. Dominique thinks that Whitney is a misanthrope. She tells her that she's pretty on the outside, but her attitude sucks. Whitney then says that Dominique has no education and speaks out of her ass. And...I'm not totally sure where that came from. It is sketchy, to be sure. Dominique didn't just learn the proper use of the third person by dropping out of high school, after all!

There is some more bickering, and Lauren wonders why everyone can't just get along. She asks what the significance of their conversation is. Dominique replies that there's no significance when you're talking to a big brick wall who is racist toward everyone and anyone. What we need to do is to send Barack Obama to this house and straighten these hos right out. Whitney is appalled. She interviews that you might by rights be able to call her a bitch, but she is from the south, and accusations of racism are very, very serious. If anything, I think she was being classist but Dominique, being so uneducated, would not be able to discern the subtleties of the discourse. And then, it happens. Whitney says -- wait for it -- "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? My best friend is black." Oh yeah. That totally just happened, followed by a quick cut to commercials. She had me until she used the oldest racist white person defense in the book. Although, actually, I still can't stand Dominique. Really, it's a conundrum.

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