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Top Model Takes It to the Streets

Tyra Mail! "You all know your ABC's. But what about the 3 C's? Love, Tyra." Is this going to be a challenge involving, like, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese? Because Whitney has that shit all tied up.

The girls head off to an old, creepy-looking warehouse. As they enter, someone voices over, "Commercial, Couture, Catalog." Yes, the infamous three C's we've all been waiting for. And the disembodied voice is none other than posing instructor Benny Ninja! I bet he and Marvita could bond over hustling. She's juiced to see him. So is Dominique, who asks how many people can say that they met "the inventor of the vogue." It's not a rhetorical question, as she, in fact, has not met the inventor of the vogue. Rent Paris Is Burning and study up on your history, ho. Benny introduces his latest sidekick, international supermodel Vendela! Oh, yay, supermodels. Benny demonstrates commercial, catalogue and couture posing for the girls as Vendela calls out the categories. When it's time for couture, she just says, "Ture." Is that an insider nickname?

The girls then get a chance to show off their posing skills. Vendela thinks that Fatima can go far with a little practice. Aimee aces commercial posing. Anya does well, because she knows that when she's jumping in the air she's selling shoes. Benny calls Whitney Anna Nicole. She has heard this several times since dying her hair blonde, and is pretty sick of it. Come on, Whit! Being compared to a zaftig drug-addled trainwreck willing to bone old dudes for money and best known for making people ask what the fuck was wrong with her and/or facing a sketchy, tragic demise is TOTALLY a compliment! Biker chick Lauren has a hard time distinguishing between commercial and catalogue, and Benny takes the high road of not saying anything at all if he has nothing nice to say. Claire does couture, and Benny just sighs.

Marvita is next, and poses like she's on the cover of Stomach Cramps Monthly. Vendela thinks she's a beautiful girl, but needs to be toned down. Benny adds that she was all over the place. Katarzyna and Stacy-Ann work their poses. Vendela and Benny both think Dominique is great. Dominique interviews that she keeps working it, because that's what Dominique is all about. She totally won the "Looking Like the Boy that Probably Robbed You a Few Minutes Before You Came to the Ball" category. Trophies all around!

Back at home, Claire talks to her husband and her baby on the phone. Awww. Fatima tells someone that she's learning how to pose now. Whitney tells us that they always do a phone list. You have a designated time, and get fifteen minutes, and it's your job to know when you should be on the phone. If you snooze, you lose. As it happens, Dominique snoozes. She is pissed that no one came to her and said anything. After all, she says, she has a child. Well, so does Claire and she managed to get her ass to the phone at the designated time, and thus got to talk to him. I think Dominique is to blame for this one, mostly because she seems to generally be such a pain in the ass.

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