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Top Model Takes It to the Streets

It's decision time. There are ten lovely ladies, and only nine photos in Tyra's hands. And the first photo goes to...Stacy-Ann! She is surprised and pleased. Dominique is called next, much to Whitney's chagrin. She is followed by Claire, Anya, Lauren, Aimee, Katarzyna and Fatima. This of course leaves Whitney and Marvita in the bottom two. Oh, sadness. Tyra tells the girls that neither of them seems invested, which is a shame because they both have so much modeling potential. But modeling is about more than potential. It's about shaving. Each girl might be feeling inside that they really want this, but if they've learned one thing over the course of this competition, it would be that what's inside does not matter. The judges feel that one girl wants it a little more. And that's Whitney. Aw, man.

Tyra hugs Marvita and tells her that the judges felt that she gave up. If people don't see the fire, she says, they won't know it's there. Marvita hugs the other girls and tells them that they're all top models, and that they should never be scared to show it. She tells us that she sees herself in a different light now. She doesn't want to just head back to the hood -- she wants a better life for herself. She says that she overcame her fear of believing in herself, and her fear of thinking she was pretty. This has been one of the biggest experiences of her life, and she's happy to have gotten this opportunity and to have made it this far. She's going to keep knocking on doors until somebody answers. Hopefully that person won't mistake her for a really polite robber and call the cops. But seriously, there has rarely been a contestant who has grown on me in the span of few weeks like Marvita. She's awesome, and I wish her luck. Adios, my little marvel!

Next week: Tyra schools the girls in the art of posing, and Dominique gets her ass handed to her by the other girls in the house.

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