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Top Model Takes It to the Streets
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Previously on ANTM: The girls walked in a runway show for Tuleh, which worked out well for Katarzyna and not so well for Marvita and the bipedally-impaired Lauren. A photo shoot in a meat freezer had the girls becoming really, really intimate with beef drawers. Amis was sent packing, and not just because she chose a really dumb name for herself. Ten bitches remain!

New York City! The girls return home from elimination, and Fatima muses about being in the bottom two. She was shocked, because she thought she was doing extremely well. She is the 635th girl this season to say that she needs to step her game up. She practices on the runway in cheap silver shoes, because that's how she rolls. Dominique, meanwhile, is confident in who she is and that she's staying in the competition. She tells us that she -- or, as she refers to herself, "Dominique" -- is going to make it and win the competition. She could sit there and go on for days about it. And, by the looks of it, has. She prattles on, and Stacy-Ann looks like she'd rather be giving Jay Manuel another lap dance than listen to it for a minute more. Whitney does an impression of Dominique in an interview. It goes like this: "Blah blah blah." She says that Dominique is mind-boggling.

Marvita, meanwhile, says that she's like the runaway bride. She can't stay with anybody -- she needs to go. Foreshadowing wears a do-rag. Marvita interviews that she spent her formative years having to hustle and be hard, and no one can connect with her on the same level. Perhaps Marvita hasn't yet heard Tyra's hardscrabble tale of having to go to Paris when she was 17. Life on the streets is made more difficult when you only have a scrap of baguette to sustain you. Marvita tells Katarzyna and Aimee that she's not a holding hands, kissy-kissy kind of girl. When Marvita loves you, she punches you in the crotch. She interviews that she's been molested and raped, and doesn't trust people. Claire tells us that Marvita is a crazy hood-rat, and is almost in a different category of human being altogether. There's a model inside of Marvita, she says, but there are also a lot of exterior layers that hide it. None of the exterior layers are as kicky as Claire's pink "I Heart Labor" tank top, though.

In the kitchen, Whitney offers Stacy-Ann some banana bread. Stacy-Ann refuses, saying that she doesn't want to get fat like Whitney. I...think that's a joke? Whitney doesn't even believe in the "f-word." Fat, that is. She asks if Stacy-Ann means "phat." Whitney loves her curves, and loves not looking like a little boy. Being naturally not-so-curvy, I've always liked to live by the "more than a mouthful is a waste" adage, but to each her own. Whitney was called second at judging last week, and is hoping that she can stay on top (na na na na na na).

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