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Aimee's photo is pretty, but she needs to push it more, according to Nigel. With a little twist of the hip, says George, she would have knocked it out of the park.

Anya says that she loves her sophisticated yet playful hair, and Tyra notes that her accent sounds even stranger coming out of her newly platinum elf-head. Anya's shot has great energy, according to Paulina, but it's not as beautiful as Anya is. And that's saying something. Tyra thinks it's ferocious, though.

Allison is up next, and Tyra tells her she looks very soft and pretty. Allison yells, "I know!" and laughs maniacally. Nigel tells her that "thank you" would be an appropriate response. She continues the maniacal laughter, and Tyra says that she's waiting for the thank-you. She asks Allison if it's coming. Paulina says that Allison took it like the princess who thinks she deserves it. Paulina HATES Allison. Allison smiles blankly, and Nigel notes that it didn't really register. Cut her some slack, Nigel. She's really hungry. Allison's legs look great in her photo, but her eyes are a little far away. Nigel tells her that she has all the assets to make it work, but that she's not using them. Her photo doesn't show any passion. George says that the lights are on but no one's home. Tyra gives Allison Jay's feedback, which is that she's too studied and needs to be more natural.

Last is Whitney. Tyra wasn't happy with her film, but it wasn't really Whitney's fault. Tyra was upset that Whitney's stomach and booty and legs were all covered up. She even had a talk with the stylists about it. And probably told them to kiss her fat ass. As you do. Paulina thinks that Whitney is a beautiful girl, but that this isn't her best photo.

Deliberations! Amis doesn't know her angles and seems kind of lost. Lauren has interesting flaws and is one of those girls who just falls into fierce pictures. Marvita's is one of the strongest pictures, according to Nigel, and works with the environment better than anyone else's. Claire's picture was a little disappointing, but George says that she was really great to work with, and that he doesn't think the picture does her justice. Fatima needs to work the bottom of her body. Katarzyna's photo is tacky, and Tyra tells George that he was shooting with his loins. It's true. Stacy-Ann has the Paulina jaw, and Tyra asks Paulina how she and Ric created a black baby. Paulina replies that it took a lot of work. Uh oh, it's magic. Paulina thinks that Dominique looks like a soccer mom. George agrees, and says that when she came on set, he thought it was someone's mom coming to pick them up. That is pretty harsh. Aimee is transparently beautiful, and Paulina loves her new hair color. Anya has a weird accent. Allison is too posed, and Nigel thinks she's conceited with no idea when to say "thank you." Even when she's told to say "thank you"! Tyra says that Allison has the most experience out of the girls, but it's not popping. Tyra wanted to see Whitney's booty, and traumatizes Nigel and Miss J. by making them feel hers. Paulina wonders what she's gotten herself into.

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