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When the shoot is done, Elle thanks everyone for helping to sell her bras and knickers. Marvita totally loves her and interviews that she's never met anybody that nice. I think Marvita is going to lobby Elle to adopt her, or at least be her foster mom.

Back at home there is, as Marvita calls it, "Tyrisha Mail." I can't even explain how much I love her. In any case, someone is going home. Lauren is worried about her photo, and says that sometimes she thinks she doesn't understand the direction she gets. From Jay Manuel, the king of clarity? I find that hard to believe. Dominique is still livid that Jay called her "commercial." Allison tells us that she kicked ass at her photo shoot and isn't going home. Her blank, evil stare is really starting to scare me a little. Commercials.

And then, Panel time! Tyra rocks one of Elle's bras for big girls and towers over the Brooklyn Bridge in the introductory photo. Sounds about right. Tyra tells the girls that their makeovers look great. She lies so effortlessly sometimes. There are prizes, there are judges. George Holz is the guest judge.

Amis is first up before the panel, and tells them that her makeover makes her feel sexier. Nigel thinks that her face looks sexy in her photo, but that her body needs some work. George adds that she had a tough time getting into the moment during the shoot.

Lauren is next up, and gets a lesson in model posture. Her photo is pretty great -- she has an awkwardness but, as Tyra says, it works for her. Tyra tells Lauren to find what is strong and different and interesting about herself.

Marvita's photo is stunning. George says that she was very stiff at first, but toward the end of the shoot when she didn't try quite so hard, she nailed it. Paulina thinks she looks like a panther in the urban jungle.

Claire's photo is good, but she needs to learn how to give eyebrow intensity while at the same time relaxing her mouth.

Fatima's photo is pretty gorgeous. Tyra thinks she looks like her mentor, Iman. Her legs are weird, though, and Tyra tells Fatima that she models from the waist up.

Katarzyna is a super sex bomb in her photo, and Miss J. and Paulina says she looks a little like a mail-order bride. But doesn't every girl from Eastern Europe?

Stacy-Ann's photo is so-so. She needs to extend her neck a bit more, and show her lovely, big jaw.

Dominique -- who is sporting some serious high-waisted jeans -- gets a lesson from Tyra on how to not let her cellulite show in pictures. Basically, you pull your booty away from the camera. Paulina notes that everyone has their extra-juicy spots that need to be pulled back a little bit. And then Tyra tells Dominique that her film looked a little like the models in a newspaper flier. As we all know, this is Dominique's favorite compliment to receive. Tyra tells her to bring some of her natural swagger into her photos.

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